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10 Vital Features Every E-commerce Mobile App Should Have!

In recent times, the boom in digital e-commerce has led to the development of mobile apps and platforms. The consumers have become much more comfortable shopping using a mobile app than a website. Giant e-commerce firms are now focused on improving the end-user experience on mobile devices, offering a solid software network with state-of-the-art mobile apps.


Offering Notifications:

An application must allow a vendor to provide push notifications related to sales, items recently released or the delivery of an item. The alerts will be sent even if the potential customer does not actively use the app, and at the top of the smartphone screen will appear the main image and a section of the message. Mobile App Development Riyadh develops user-friendly apps.


Message Location Based:

A state-of-the-art app will enable a vendor to deliver messages to customers located within a specific geographic area. The merchant may pick different zip codes, review a map showing the areas of the recipients of each message, and warn customer groups. Furthermore, the sender may offer delayed messages which will only be delivered once the smartphone of the customer enters a specific geographic region.


Detailed Feedback:

Apps will allow buyers to post comprehensive merchant reviews and analyze product-related testimonials. Besides, the applications provide business owners with the ability to place reviews below product descriptions, post testimonials easily on social media networks, or create a website with hundreds of real reviews.


Chat with representatives:

If the representatives are not available, patrons can chat with experts while using the app and leave messages. Also, the customer can quickly ask the merchant for a phone call. Social Media Agency Dubai provides a big platform for communicating with your representatives to achieve satisfaction.


Linking the app to various networks:

The application must allow the user to connect the account to a social media profile, and the program will automatically create posts related to the purchases, feedback, and coupon codes used by a customer. Many studies have shown that a retailer can significantly boost revenue by providing exclusive prizes and monetary rewards to consumers who link the app to social media profiles and to patrons who like the company’s pages on different networks.



The apps include statistics showing the conversion rate of a product’s site, the percentage of customers using certain payment methods, the regional consumer areas, the parts of each display that buyers usually click on, and the number of patterns that refer friends to the company. Also, software analytics must show the type of mobile device owned by a consumer and the length of the regular use of each potential buyer.



A merchant can easily transfer various features from the vendor’s website, including details of products, testimonials, merchant services lists, and digital cart-related features. The seller can also synchronize lists of frequently asked questions and detailed guidelines to help customers use products.


Payment Methods:

State-of-the-art software would enable users to use credit cards, wire transfers, and cash-related services. Vendors can also install different payment gateways managed by PayPal, CashU, etc.


Promotion and Discount:

The software must allow a proprietor to provide coupon codes, and the mobile app should trigger specialized codes automatically once the subtotal of order exceeds a certain value. A business owner can also create gift cards for customers when using a mobile app for eCommerce and allow patrons to transfer additional funds to virtual gift cards quickly.


Searching for Products:

A merchant must choose a program with a search box and code to allow customers to filter the search results quickly. By choosing certain colors, sizes, explanations of new features and keywords, the mobile app will allow patrons to organize item lists. Growing consumer can also pick a price range when looking for goods or compare lists of items that are compatible with other products.


Developing a Cutting-Edge app:

A merchant can create a program that features push notifications, app analytics, detailed search results filters, many payment gateways, multiple themes, and virtual carts that are managed by using the service that Mobile App Development Dubai provides.

An app for mobile e-commerce must aim to provide an enjoyable and unique experience that makes shopping online a much simpler and seamless operation. 


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