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11 Advantages of HTML5 Development You Must Know!

HTML5, the latest version of the hypertext markup language, has brought web design and development industry revolution. Web Development Company in Riyadh has allowed users to make websites more user-friendly, engaging and interactive by adding many new and tempting features. And that’s why webmasters are considering switching to this new technology because it provides a variety of advantages compared to previous models. Let’s look at the top 10 benefits of creating HTML5.


1) Doctype:

Doctype is simple and straightforward in the new version and saves you from the hectic copy and paste stuff. In addition to being simple and easy, Doctype also works with all major browser legacy versions that also include IE6.


2) Enhanced Accessibility:

This new platform has made web pages and websites more available. It helps users to easily access content without a delay and to recognize multiple tags. And this will not only boost the screen but also promote the coding process. The latest update provides its users with better access irrespective of the device’s color, screen size, orientation, and resolution.


3) Maintain Clean code:

It helps to keep the code dry. And, as it allows users to write concise and semantic code cleanly and easily, it has become one of the main changes in this new version of markup language. It also helps you to distinguish style from the content without any additional effort.


4) Mobile optimization:

Mobile internet users today are increasing unexpectedly, surpassing the number of desktops/ laptops. The number appears to continue to grow exponentially, Mobile App Development Dubai is making websites more mobile-friendly. HTML5 allows you to build websites and apps for various mobile devices as one of the most mobile-ready tools. By using it, you can build responsive websites that can expand the reach of the audience and also meet the needs of users regardless of the devices they are using.


5) Cross-Browser compatible:

Websites must be compliant with cross browsers in a multi-browser environment. And, this has become HTML5 Doctype’s central concept. HTML5 supports all of the world’s major browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari, and even supports older models. It is even for those users who are stuck with JavaScript’s basic IE6 setup. And, the best part is– Web Design Dubaiallows users to access the web effortlessly.


6) Audio/Video Support:

For previous versions, audio and video elements used the Flash Player or other third-party media players to make these elements only available to a few people who have downloaded these games. Yet HTML5 has introduced several new and tempting elements, one of the most common beings < audio > and < video >, allowing you to add various multimedia elements to the website without any glitches.


7) Geo-location:

HTML5 has a Geo-location API that enables users to easily detect a user’s location and cater to their users ‘ tailor-made content. Nevertheless, this appealing function may require the consent of a client to accurately identify their position but would make web surfing much more user-friendly, simpler and precise.


8) Fascinating Interface:

Good experiences also lead to improved advertising and more business sales. And users could make the website more interactive and informative with HTML5. The new and attractive drawing element enables users to achieve animation and other exciting features that keep users engaged. It even allows you to create feature-packed and rich internet applications that, in effect, increase your website’s penetration and conversion.


9) Game Development: 

Games have been very common among Internet users since its inception.

By using the < canvas > tag, games can now be created with the advent of HTML5. Now users can play games that are much more challenging and interesting. Such games are much more engrossing and simpler to make, unlike the old school flash games.


10) Improved Storage:

HTML5 helps you to enjoy improved storage flexibility, which is a perfect connection between the storage style of cookies and the server on the client-side.


11) Consistency:

When websites adopt the new HTML5 features, we will see greater consistency about HTML used to code a web page on one site compared to another. This will promote a clear understanding of how a web page is built for designers and developers.


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