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15 Best New Fonts for 2022

Is it safe to say that you are burnt out on utilizing the normal, worn-out Google text styles from one site to another? This is your lucky day!

In the current month’s gathering by Dubai Web Design of the best new textual styles, we’re displaying the best in class text styles from free kind foundries and architects around the world.

Astronef Super

Astronef Super is a retro-modern text style assortment with seven styles that are intended to be blended and coordinated. While the textual style is measured in the plan, there are wild varieties in weight that you can have loads of fun with.


Auguste Serif and Auguste Sans Serif were initially drawn as a solitary stencil text style that consolidated serif and sans serif styles. They eventually became two separate textual styles, with four loads each, that can be increased and down in size dependent on your necessities.


Bartok is a thrilling text style as it breaks with the idea of making a group of bound-together styles. All things considered, every one of the four styles utilizes various constructions and loads, which means this textual style can be repurposed for a wide assortment of brands and styles.


Cardone is a sort of serif known as Scotch Roman, intended for usefulness and intelligibility. With its strong and fierce plan, this serif is ideal for publication content.


Champ is fun and well-disposed textual style with nine loads. Due to its striking impression, this serif performs best in marking and features.


Columba is designed according to old-style print machine typefaces. With its restricted, readable serif structures, Columba is generally helpful in text-substantial conditions — both on the web just as for printed brand materials.


Deia is an organized serif textual style with seven text styles. Because of the bent stroke advances in Deia’s personal set, this text style is brimming with character and would work extraordinary in item bundling and site marking.


Garton is a nineteenth-century-motivated typewriter typeface that would look extraordinary on scholarly and article sites. This remarkably rich text style has three loads with italic buddy sets for each.


Halisa is a broad text style family with 60 styles, five widths, and six loads (in addition to italics). The planner drew motivation from nineteenth-century manufacturing plant signs to concoct this decipherable semi-developed unusual typeface.

Helvetica Now Variable

Helvetica Now Variable is an update on Helvetica Now and the first 1957 Helvetica plan. This one, notwithstanding, adds more than 1,000,000 new Helvetica styles to the overlay (across the board textual style record), which planners can use to make a wide range of computerized and print content, including typographic activities.

best new fonts


Palast is a sort framework that comprises three sub-families: Palast Text, Palast Display, and Palast Poster. Architects can utilize this painstakingly created serif text style family basically anyplace they need — from customers’ sites to limited-time print designs.


Parco is essential for the new rush of humanistic typographic plans. With Parco’s conservative dividing and tall characters, this textual style will assist creators with making eye-getting and profoundly decipherable features and marking.

Right Gothic

Right Gothic is an immense textual style family, containing 98 styles — seven loads, seven widths, 20-degree italics, and a flexible differentiation hub. While this contemporary text style is a sans serif, it draws upon average serif life structures with its high differentiation among good and bad strokes.

Rund Text

Rund Text is a mathematical sans serif that looks both sleek and agreeable. It additionally has a sidekick Display family accessible to creators who need to bring a similar sort of utilitarian plan to bigger features or marking.


Sculpin is one more factor text style to make this rundown of the best new text styles. This sans serif text style was planned as though an etch and brush had been utilized, giving it an organized, hand-created feel.

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