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4 New SEO Features You Need to Know In 2020 to Grow Your Business

The year 2019 is almost over. Would you probably come up a little short? Or are you on track to reach your expected goals, but your final goal was to go beyond them and impress the world? 

To set your company up in 2020; the new year can be your best year to date as long as you choose the SEO Company Dubai that provides a growth marketing strategy that makes sense for your brand and your customers.


Therefore, SEO Services in Dubai will provide a creative search strategy with an inbound marketing method. 

We use various technology resources such as CRMs and marketing dealing from lead operations to boost and run other traffic based strategies along with SEOs such as PPC and social media marketing.

To help you make your business grow in the year 2020 we give you the best options to work with. The strategy of our company includes the following steps:

1. Give a Good Platform for Search Engine Optimization:

 If your ability to attract high-quality organic traffic is projected to play a major role in facilitating your growth, then your website must have an SEO-friendly platform to help you attract and convert leads whether as part of a growing marketing stack or as a solo strategy.

This may entail hours of daily work or require a few simple quick fixes, such as adding a few plugins and updating URLs, based on some factors. Until delving into the technique itself, the SEO department should include a web technical audit to find any vulnerabilities. If they don’t deliver anything, then search for another supplier.

2. SEO Must Function According to Buyer Understanding:

When it comes to choosing keywords, designing web pages, writing blogs, and any number of other activities that are important to SEO, the strategy will come from an approach based on understanding how buying decisions are made by target buyers and how to target customers engage with content that is important to their products and services.

You want to partners with the sales and marketing departments of their clients to create fake consumer depictions of real customers. This is important because all attempts to maintain organic traffic will be in vain without a complete understanding of the buyer of a brand and the steps they go through before making a purchase decision.

Also, read Technical SEO Tips to Get The Most of An E-Commerce Website.

3. Choose Proper Keywords:

Too many SEO companies focus on rankings and chase keywords with the highest search volume should be buyer focused with less limit to search volume. It is the game of a number if your content ranks for keywords that get more searches, you’re going to get a higher CTR. But, it’s not just your target to rank, or even get a higher rate of clicking.

Thus, take large keywords and provides them with buyer-specific context to make them meaningful and attract more likely to convert clicks. After all, buyers are increasingly dependent on technology that makes all product search available on mobile devices.

4. Use Pillar Pages and Content Clusters: 

In their search engine optimization strategy, you want to look for pillar pages and content clusters. Pillar pages are usually primary product or service pages that contain a lot of textual content that is optimized to cover a subject in depth.

Instead of content clusters are written on the same subject, each covering an original title with a specific theme. Such blogs, while linking to their respective pillar list, will internally connect. Then each pillar page links to your website’s homepage the core.

This is useful to help improve the ability of your content to rank for the right searchers, allowing for a highly effective SEO strategy, while also enhancing the user experience as the linking approach helps users to find specific topics to be read. 

Therefore, the best SEO strategy for long sale brands can help increase their growth by using a search traffic strategy with a balanced solution that fits different users with highly customized content.

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