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4 Ways We Can Help You Build a Better Mobile App

It’s a mobile-first world we’re in now, and like many companies, you’re likely wondering how to make the user experience on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets even more pleasant.


According to Mobile App Development Dubai, which makes a better mobile experience are:

  • A fast-loading development experience that suits from tablets to smartwatches on screens of all sizes.
  • And make sure your website or app does not require the user and scroll to enjoy the whole experience, depending on viewport metadata.
  • Material that wraps properly on phones of all sizes, making reading convenient for users.
  • Optimized images that keep page loading fast and do not prolong the experience of online scrolling.
  • To navigate the website easily, easy-to-access and understand navigation.
  • Using comprehensive but lightweight code to prevent lengthy page loading, which may lead to site indexing being crippled.

Application Development Services Oman will help if you’ve decided it’s time to take a leap into the future and put your efforts into a first-ever mobile experience. Check out these five ideas to take the UX to the next level using our suite of online and developer-friendly tools.


1)     Understand the audience and competitors:

Before you ever set out to provide your customers and web users with a better mobile experience, you need to understand who you are at first trying to attract and who you are up against. Doing your due diligence and knowing your clients— their challenges and benefits, and their goals— as well as your rivals, and what they’re doing right or wrong, will ensure that you’re working towards the right solution. Gather data by:

  • Groups of emphasis: Focus groups are a great way to give the staff the ability to demand in-depth information, from online habits to what attracts them into products or services such as yours.
  • Inquiries web: If you already have an app or website that you are trying to improve, consider implementing an online survey to get real feedback.
  • Analytics from Google: Google is continuing to develop its strong analytics system, and with keyword analysis, user profiles, mobile use, and behavioral routes.
  • Testing of the consumer: Both on-site or by remote client

Know the competitors by:

  • Website application or page load rate, especially if some elements are particularly sluggish.
  • Experiences of accessibility, and wherever you feel awkward or difficult to access.
  • Navigation and information, including the ease of browsing the web and knowing the material on the website.
  • Visual communication and whether the project is easy to view and complies with expectations for usability.
  • Lack of costs, products, and services to give you and your rivals a more business-oriented approach.


Record User Journey: User travel should also play the agent of the devil. Remember all the roadblocks or challenges that might occur for different users depending on how they locate your app, how they spend most of their time, and how they navigate the navigation. For example, chatbots can help activate when a user has been on your app for some time without taking action. Modals can help give a secondary action option to users, such as signing up for an e-newsletter.


3)     Plan your Navigation and Layout:

Information Architecture is the science of understanding where and what knowledge you have. And many times, because it’s the cornerstone of what’s going to live on the site or app itself, IA leads the project. Your IA should include navigation at the top level. Often referred to as the primary navigation. The core elements of how users navigate the app or website should be these.

Navigation in the tertiary and footer. Secondary audiences or points of conversion that require visibility, but less prominence than the main navigation.


4)     Measure and Test:

Through setting targets, if possible, you will give your brand something to be measured and adjusted to. Measuring by Google Analytics, regular touchpoints with key consumer groups, online polls, or other remote monitoring methods, allows you a way to keep your finger on the pulse of what works and what doesn’t.

Hold the Mobile App Development Company Dubai in your back pocket to make modifications while you make necessary improvements and do potential research. Such tools allow version control and easy sharing, so you can continue to improve and enhance your app and mobile experience.


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