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5 Artistic Uses for Your Website Favicon

Is there even a time before favicons we remember?

Such tiny emoji-sized icons that we see in our browser tabs and windows are often ignored, but they are important to the full online experience of a product.

Favicons, however, are more than just an essential element of the brand: they are also important for users who like bookmarking. These little icons allow you to quickly and easily recognize bookmarks. If your brand is rising, you can notice your favicon even more than your logo.


Usually, favicons come in different sizes, usually in square shape.

If you don’t have your website favicon collection, add it as soon as possible with the Web Design Company in Saudi Arabia. And if you have your favicon, but how else to use this handy little product feature, here are five creative ways you can use it.


1.     App Icons:

Check your smartphone right now and note the icons on your screen that are plain, rounded boxes and easy to find. When done well, these icons from the photo gallery of your phone to Uber to Facebook should be easily identifiable. These are often favicons for these companies with phones.

By having your favicon in multiple sizes, as described above, you can reserve one of these for any future apps you create. A Mobile App Development Oman will help you.

Using your favicon website as your app icon just improves platform-wide brand recognition and brand continuity. It may not sound like much, but for user experience (UX) and user trust, this is important.


2.      Social Media Profile:

Like your app icons, pictures on social media profiles work best when at first glance they are easy to recognize. It is difficult to decipher busy images or icons for a user to click or swipe. The simpler and more identifiable it is, the better chance to see and communicate with your brand from followers. Social Media Agency Dubai keeps it easy and simple.

In addition to your easy-on-the-eyes favicon, your social profiles should also have an easily accessible straightforward product and mission statement, as well as links to your website, ways followers can reach you, and other details that are essential for the real personal experience.


3.     Chatbots and Website Icons:

It should be available in your browser tab or window, where it belongs if you have your favicon in place. Using favicons, however, you can think beyond the window and incorporate it for continuity into your website, like using it as loading icons on your homepage or using the profile picture of your Chatbot.

Animation may be a great place to start loading icons with your favicon. While it is also appropriate to load icons with a pinwheel, sand timer, or spinning circle, think about how powerful your favicon would be as an animated product feature. Consider adding your animated favicon from your website to your phone to mean loading something to the end-user.

When you brainstorm these elements with your team, consider adding them to your mockup layout to share internally and think about other areas where your favicon on your website can enhance user experience.


4.     Promotion and Marketing:

The days of the standard style letterheads of flat letters are gone. And don’t even consider moving your mouse in the direction of Comic Sans. Put your favicon into your business cards, letterheads, so email models instead to string your product into your promotions online and offline.

Email marketing enhances the quality and popularity of your product. If you have a logo that’s different from your favicon, make sure it’s visible on your models. But if well-built and easily connected to your logo, your favicon can be a great place to reinforce your brand image.


5.     SWAG:

SWAG is a perfect place to expand your reach and visibility like your letterheads, personal profiles, app icons, and beyond. Whether a lanyard, pen, hat, or sticker, if your favicon captures your logo and product, it can easily be put on promotional products that can bring further traffic to you. Make sure that people who get their hands on your logo know who you are. Get the swag with Best Web Design Dubai.



With website favicon, you are solidifying who you are with your style guides, the brand image across all media.


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