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5 Best WordPress Social Media Sharing Plug-ins in 2019

WordPress Social Media Plugin plays a key marketing function. Sharing social media is a wonderful way to boost web traffic. Your attempts will go in vain if you produce the highest quality content on your website, but do not provide the reader with the comfort of sharing information across their social networks. Social sharing and following the buttons as they should be on your website are being given by Social Media Marketing Dubai.

If you would like to go with the advice of our Web Design Dubai WordPress website builder, it is at the end of all the social media plugins of WordPress.                  

Best WordPress Social Media Plug-ins:


1)     Share buttons with AddToAny:


AddToAny Share Buttons can be installed from the WordPress folder at no cost. After activation, the plugin can be found in your WordPress dashboard’s settings menu. This is an awesome plugin for social media use in WordPress. Using almost every social platform and bookmarking website, you can make it easier for individuals to share, save and mail your messages.

What we expect most from a plugin is that the loading of content is not slowed down. This social sharing plugin for WordPress requires care of this and loads after the content asynchronously. This WordPress social sharing plugin has one more specialty. This plugin provides portable and desktop customizable floating share buttons.


2)     Social Media Widget:


If you want to show social media follow buttons, the Social Media Widget comes in. It enables you to display in the widget fields your social media profile connections. If you want to show the social media icons in the sidebars of your pages, it’s a nice solution for you, but you’re not limited to just showing the icons in the sidebars. By developing a custom widget zone in your theme, you can show the icons anywhere on your website. Since, as you activate it, this WordPress social media plugin produces a widget.

In addition to default icons pack-cutout icons, sketch icons, and heart icons, this WordPress social media plugin provide three interesting icon packs. You have four choices for the icons-Fade, Scale, Bounce, and Combo-style animation. All in all, this social media plugin for WordPress is fairly nice to keep your fan up. Digital Marketing Dubai Company will raise your following fan-base.

3)     Social Media Feather:


This plugin for social media WordPress provides both the sharing of social media and the following buttons. You can provide your readers with the comfort of sharing your content in one click as well as the comfort of becoming your follower. It promotes all significant platforms, which count around a dozen.


Social Media Feather choices enable you to set the position of the share / follow buttons, icon size, the spacing between icons, and button alignment. It is the only social media sharing and icon resolution plugin available. Mobile App Development Dubai makes it feasible for smartphones too.

4)     Simple Social Icons:


It’s as easy as its name to use this Simple Social icon on your website. For those who think that simple is useful, this WordPress social media plugin is suggested. It enables 16 of the most famous social media icons to be included. Although icon choices are restricted, you still get the most popular as alternatives. In any widget region of your website, you can show the social media icon. SEO Services Dubai will help you choose the best Plug-in.

5)     WordPress Social Login:


WordPress Social Login is the customizable authentication widget that is easy and versatile. This social media plugin for WordPress is an open-source and completely free of charge. The best part of this WordPress social sharing plugin is that it gives full user access control over your website and comes with a list of regulations. Stackoverflow, GitHub, Dribbble, Instagram, Windows Live, Reddit, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, and many more are presently supported.



In a nutshell, the best WordPress social media plugins are helpful. These social media plugins from WordPress provide you with an easy way to interactively add social media icons to your site. You can choose any of these WordPress Social Media Plugins that you find interesting.

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