5 Design Tips to Boost Conversion This Holiday Season!

Considerations such as how good the page looks or whether it features the latest trends in technology are less important because they are subjective.

Making more money for your customers is not arbitrary because of a perfect, conversion-rich model. It will increase your brand credibility and referrals and make you more money as well! It should also be the most important aspect for developers, in effect, because you want to satisfy your clients. With Web Design Dubai, you will be kept on track.


White space:

White space, also known as negative space, is a technique of design that makes the subject pop and stand out in the picture, in the foreground. A hallmark of great visual design, it serves as a “blank” background space that shows what a website designer needs to be evident.

The red color:

Red is a fantastic thing during the holidays, and especially when it comes to sales. Red is a loud color due to its powerful, bold personality which catches a person’s attention.

Translated into branding and shopping, red is a perfect choice to buy buttons for calling for action because of the sense of urgency and power it generates. Because it’s the color of passion, it also raises one’s heart rate, which explains why online shoppers respond to it and why clearance sales are the color of choice.


While you generally think of written content when we talk about content on the internet, video content is becoming increasingly popular on its own. It’s no wonder that one of the most famous brands of our time will feature video on its website to celebrate the Christmas season.

Card-based design:

A card-based design is a clever design philosophy you’ve most likely seen on Pinterest, but it’s been gaining traction on other websites over the past few years. The card-based advantage is that it significantly improves the user experience as it empowers the users to make sense of the information presented on a web page quickly and efficiently. Web Design Oman accomplishes this by filtering material according to a common theme into different categories.

Card-based helps users to more quickly search and tap on your pages, upping usability, which has a positive effect on someone who decides to purchase anything from an e-commerce store.

This helps shoppers ‘ user experience, which in turn will have a positive effect on conversion rates because shoppers will be able to find exactly what they want thanks to a clear organization.

Striking color contrast:

As they are very visible, the eyes of site visitors are attracted to bold color bursts. It makes a color contrast one of the best techniques in Christmas shopping season sales to drum upconverts.

The thing about contrast— and color contrast in particular— is that it directs your shoppers ‘ eyes to what’s most important on a website you’ve created for the online store of your company. Much of the time, this is the call to action key, but during the holiday sales, which after Thanksgiving are all the rage on the internet, the most important element on the website becomes the announcement of the sale that is taking place.

Color contrast is also an in-your-face layout tactic to ensure that visitors to the site don’t forget what you want them to notice… because you’re making it pop right off the entire page. Also, read Pin and Click: How to drive Pinterest traffic to your website.

Conversions and holidays go together!

During the Christmas shopping season, looking at e-commerce websites is a great opportunity for designers to gain inspiration on what designs are especially useful in helping conversions. All these large online stores will not use the conversion models described above if they did not help automate the cycle of attracting leads and then bringing them through the conversion funnel on the website.

Remember to always raise the CRO of your customers: 

  • Use a generous amount of white space. 
  • Make red buttons for action, particularly for sales. 
  • Incorporate your site with video. 
  • Use the card-based layout to organize data more easily. 
  • To highlight significance, use color contrast.

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