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5 Prototyping Tools for UX Design Based on Mobile App Development

The user experience is the most important, such as purpose, content, user interface and the most important. Many consumers or clients choose the application’s development as a priority. Let’s say a real-life example, consider the clothing shop where you need to buy a t-shirt that’s below the price of your budget, then you always choose the option that’s right and looks perfect for you, just as the mobile app layout often plays an important role in the app development industries.


Many things need to be addressed when talking about user experience, such as emotionally, cost-wise, software that you will be used to model and may have more aspects. 

In this post, Mobile App Development Jeddah listed the top design tools for user experience focused on the creation of mobile apps that are used by top developers of apps.

  • InVision:
  • This model device has been developed for designers by designers. It can easily create mock-ups for your design, and it can easily be shared with your customers.
  • As the presentation tool, it is a standalone design.
  • This creates a to-do list that allows others to chime in the discussion at the same time. 
  • The gesture usage of the mobile prototype is very reliable and even it has a feature called InVision Sync App, similar to Dropbox. 
  • The live sharing feature allows a user to interact on an in-browser screen sharing in real-time.

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  • Adobe XD:
  • It is the designer’s most popular tool that is a vector-based sort. 
  • It enables the user not only to create user interfaces for a mobile app but also web applications. 
  • Five languages like English, French, German, Japanese, Korean and Chinese are supported.
  • It has many features around design factors such as voice design, meaning user control over speech and voice replay design.

Adobe XD also offers custom plugins. Also, the Adobe XD has a connecting feature with other tools such as Slack and Microsoft terms to work with Adobe’s creative cloud. It is also capable of controlling or modifying and switching from macOS to Windows OS. Mobile App Development Dubai recommends this for both software.

  • Sketch:
  • This tool is mainly used for the mobile and web app’s user experience and user interface. This is a type based on a vector that only works on macOS. 
  • The design created by the app engineers from this tool is used to transform them into websites.
  • This method handles the project with a multitude of ideas in a very efficient manner.
  • It’s made up of hundreds of plugins. This tool’s workflow is simply amazing.

Through getting feedback and spreading collections, the Sketch cloud is also useful for sharing software. It can be easily managed from the dashboard by the user.

  • Axure:
  • It is a rich web application that is controlled by the desired behaviors of the user.
  • It can also work together with platforms such as slack and groups from Microsoft. It supports both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. 
  • Based on the web and mobile device, this wireframing software can be generated with more immersive clickable prototypes.
  • The benefits of this tool are that it can be easily converted or exported to HTML or PDF once you have created the template. 
  • It’s easy to drag and drop the icons.

The prototype is shared with the Axure cloud. You can collect feedback at the top of your screens. It inspects the layout, gets snippets from the CSS and is useful to download the assets.

·        UX Pin:

This method is focused on the framework of product design. UXpin’s app is very helpful to synchronize with photoshop and sketch images. This tool is much easier to use and it only takes less time to work. It can be accessed through the top of the dashboard. The system consists of four-color, typography, assets, and components. You can also add the element from the canvas.

If you use any kind of UX design tool, always make it your mind to select with its flexible features to support every aspect you need.

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