5 Tips for Improving Your International SEO

Most companies dream of expanding abroad and many find that without really targeting them, they receive international visitors. But, despite marketing abroad, many are unable to achieve significant brand recognition outside their country of origin. Why is it?

Not understanding how it operates through different countries and cultures, many businesses copy and paste their ads from one country to another. This enormous mistake will ruin their international SEO.


How to fix it?

SEO Company Dubai gives these 5 tips for fixing your issues with international SEO:

1. Translation:

To boost your international SEO, the most important thing you can do is invest in a skilled human translator to translate your content into foreign languages. After all, if you want to appeal to a wider audience, it would be ideal if they were able to read your material.

Have your translator translate the non-visual SEO elements for your photos, such as ALT text, as well as blog posts, emails, and newsletters for best results. Your Metatag title and description are particularly important because they appear in the results of the quest. Using these in one language would result in a very low conversion rate, but content in another.

Why should it be a human translator? These will cost a lot of money after all and take a lot more time than an automated interpreter.

Well, it’s because even the best translation app or service will individually translate every word or very short phrase, with no care for dual meaning idioms or words, turning your masterpiece into a confusing, jumbled mess.

2. Localization:

While translation is the biggest obstacle to international SEO success, you will also need to locate your content so that customers in other countries are not isolated. You should bear in mind that cultural differences go far beyond language, even for countries that share your language.

3. Multilingual keyword research:

You can’t rely on just translating the keywords you’re already using because of the very real chance that something gets lost in translation, whether it’s because of the word-soup nature of translation apps or the search terms cultural difference.

For these reasons, high-ranking keywords in one language may have almost no ranking in another, and you may well miss the magic keywords that might have attracted people to your site by starting in your language.

Using these words would not only make it easier for your content to flow, but it would also mean that you might appear more than 50 times as many searches as you would use a direct keyword translation.

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4. International Link Building:

If you have a multilingual website, you need to build incoming links to your website in the same language from other relevant websites. So users keep viewing their products or services and partly because search engines value links from the same language and ideally the same country much higher than links from different languages.

Ideally, you should also adapt outgoing links to cater to an audience in another country while translating an essay. There are two main reasons for this:

  • Recognition: Replace the less identifiable websites in the country you are targeting for authority websites.
  • Rating: Linking to local sites can also improve the rating of your search engine.

5. Design for the local market:

Country-wide cultural differences can affect not only your content or keywords but your entire website.

Sufficient visitors are likely to use mobile devices in each country, but this is so popular in some countries such as the USA and Japan that it is important to have a responsive design.

Different colors in some cultures can elicit different feelings, as can symbolism, so verify with a native speaker that it works for them before developing a concept for another country!

What we recommend:

Throughout recent years, SEO has advanced and Google rewards pages with correct translations and material that appeals to your local audience as well. The good news is that it also means anything that will boost the user experience or drive organic traffic to your web will probably improve your SEO as well. SEO Dubai recommends to get rid of old fashioned strategies such as keyword stuffing and focus instead on a strategy that makes sense for both search engines and your target audience.

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