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5 Trends in WordPress Design Dominating 2019

Websites are essential digital instruments for marketing your brand. Website development, however, was a far-fetched vision for a majority of companies until the 21st century. Website Design Riyadh highlights multiple WordPress plugins and design components are used by user experience design services providers to create responsive and intuitive cross-platform web interfaces.

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that allows website development from scratch. Mobile App Development Jeddah theme-based infrastructure offers ready-made website templates for companies across various industries such as news portals, hospitals, media, and entertainment. This blog post shows 5 efficient and exciting design methods to generate engaging WordPress websites.


5 effective tips for designing and engaging WordPress website:


Web Design Company Dubai offers ready-made website templates for companies across various industries such as news portals, hospitals, media, and entertainment.

1)     Minimalism:


Minimalism is a design strategy that minimizes the use of graphics, content, navigation, and visual characteristics to create a user interface. A minimalist website’s characteristics include:

a) Minimum functionality, graphics and navigation components.

b) A restricted color palette with a significant change to black and white UI.

c) Distinct and unconventional use of typography.

d) Flat-screen designs with minimum skeuomorphic patterns and textures.

e) Maximum use of negative space.


SEO company in Dubai is focusing the attention of your viewers and reducing unnecessary distractions to finish the assignments you want. Element, Monochrome, Pocket, and Corner are some of the most common WordPress topics among web design service suppliers. Minimalist websites are focusing the attention of your viewers and reducing unnecessary distractions to finish the assignments you want.


2)     Mobile-Optimized Websites:


Mobile App Development Company Dubai is developing a seamless cross-device website with infinite coding and modified CSS is no longer loaded. WordPress version 4.4 comes with built-in assistance that automatically optimizes your device-wide content and pictures. However, with plugins like EWWW Image Optimizer and WP Smush, users can manually guarantee a responsive infrastructure.

A responsive WordPress-based website. Business requirements, user needs, and competitive landscape are key considerations in the final decision-making process. For mobile app development services suppliers, therefore, it is critical to closely evaluate the usability of a product before investing in a WordPress website.


3)     AI User Interactions:


Companies need to have a granular knowledge of the requirements of their target audiences in the era of varied user personas. Users are more used to relying on quality products and in-time services and support. Today, leading UI UX development services suppliers are using AI-based instruments and methods to meet worldwide user requirements.

Using big data analytics to produce contextual answers, the AI algorithms underlying Digital marketing Dubai extract user understanding and conduct. To provide efficient optimization tips, various WordPress plugins such as WordLift and WatsonFinds evaluate distinct web content and user procedures. Acrobat is one of the WordPress websites ‘ commonly used chatbots. Algorithmic is another WordPress plugin based on AI, which automatically adds alt text pictures, detects nudity in uploaded pictures, and summarizes each post.


4)     Video Headers:


Video headers are one of the recent developments in web design to capture user attention immediately and maximize user engagement. A social media marketing company in Dubai use fascinating website video headers to visualize their client interactions and services. Many WordPress topics like Vlog, Tides, and FoogoPro are being charged for media to incorporate video headers into your WordPress website.


5)     Split-Screen Designs:


As the name indicates, dividing the internet screen into two or more vertical segments requires a split-screen design strategy. Each chapter shows various information sets, pictures, graphics, etc. This trend has gained momentum since the start of 2019 due to its sleek, tidy and structured design.

Many WordPress topics support split-screen designs like Aether, Bridge, Ardon, and Bateaux. However, the use of a split-screen web interface design is unlikely to channelize important results for big organizations. It makes split-screen a design that can be used with excellent caution and company objectives comprehension.




For websites, mobile sites and mobile apps, Web design Dubai company designs and builds engaging digital designs. Our designers have practical expertise in designing particular frameworks. 


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