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6 Essential Tips for Mobile SEO to Create a Powerful E-Commerce Success

Google first clearly recognized the web as a juggernaut on its way to worldwide supremacy, offering to steamroll over all other news. That was the fateful month Google launched its Google-Bot-Mobile to search the Web and analyze the quality of mobile websites. Dubai Mobile App Development recommends the use of responsive development for mobile/cross-platform sites, which is in itself a valid reason for implementing it.

Is your website mobile-friendly? How does it work in mobile search rankings and what exactly do you need to do to ensure that your mobile SEO achieves an all-too-critical page-one ranking?


#1 Got to go Mobile:

Google is on the lookout. We crawl and test their bots. They judge their algorithms. They decide the fate of your company like impervious gods–raising or lowering the rating of your website based on its mobile results.

The very first thing Mobile App Development in Jeddah doesis boosts the performance of your mobile search engine is to ensure that your website is available on the phone. There are currently three basic options for providing a mobile-optimized site: 

  • Responsive web design (RWD);
  • Serving device-dependent interactive content;
  • Specific mobile URLs (specific mobile website)

RWD provides additional benefits by delivering one website with a unified code: 

  • Efficient use of resources 
  • Provides similar experiences across PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones 
  • Maintains unified website authority 
  • Loading pages faster without redirecting.


#2 Mobile SEO Speed:

Google also imposes a higher and stricter SEO standard called “web friendliness” by simply providing a mobile accessible site. Luckily, this ranking signal is fairly straightforward, and Google provides a check so you can see precisely how the page is being evaluated.


A critical factor in the app friendliness of Google is the load speed of your website. In the experience of the average web surfer, no factor is more prominent and harmful than the irritating wait for a website to load. The optimal norm is three seconds, after which the customers will begin to flee and refuse to convert their website.


#3 Legibility:

A second critical aspect of the ratings of Google’s web SEO is font size. Legibility is of course extremely important for consumers, Google suggests that the number of fonts used and their typographic scale be strictly limited based on best design principles. It is simply difficult to read and navigate a web page that is too busy with multiple fonts and sizes.


#4 Touch-tap targets:

Everybody assumes that human beings are flawed organisms. Our history has been characterized by inventing tools and techniques to compensate for our physical limitations, whether we can withstand cold weather, fend off bacterial infections, or just placing our stubby fingers on a smartphone screen’s touch targets accurately.


#5 Avoid full-screen pop-ups:

A major obstacle to great user experience and indeed detrimental to conversions is “interstitials,” i.e. full-screen popups that either fully or partially cover a web page’s data. 


Remarkably common, many users hate such full-page popups, all too plentiful on phones promoting a company’s app, sign-up mailing list, or ads. In the most ludicrous situations, the interstitial is designed to make it nearly impossible to ignore, usually leading to some form of an ultimatum — sign up for our offer or leave this page.


#6 Maximize Mobile Potential:

Mobile should be strongly designed with the user in mind and this means: 

  • A broad user interface.
  • Buttons / clickable areas that can be quickly tapped with a thumb.
  • Strong call-to-action at the top of the pages.
  • Limited forms and input fields.

SEO Dubai will look at the mobile SEO dimension and how best sites can be configured for good performance.

Usability should be very high on the list of items to get correct when planning a project. If you’ve ever spent time with impossible-to-click buttons on a phone jabbing as they’re so tiny, or pinching and scrolling your way around, you’ll know how annoying it is.


Final Words!

Mobile should not be overlooked, and those who do are going to lose out. If you are developing a new page, there is plenty of potentials to be had, especially considering that it’s essential for your businesses around the world to have responsive sites.

This means the business that gets it right and creates a user-friendly mobile-desktop experience will beat down the hands of the competition.


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