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6 Practical Tips for SEO You Should Know and Apply for 2020

SEO Company in Dubai is certainly central to any online marketing scheme. With it, you can always rank on the results of the search and draw more traffic to your page. The more users that come in, the greater the chance of converting prospects for your company.

But to be honest, the SEO field is constantly evolving as search engines such as Google are continually modifying their algorithms. That means in the years ahead, best SEO practices may no longer remain significant.


New digital marketing approaches will emerge in 2020, including SEO. You must, therefore, level up and learn the latest SEO strategies. With that in mind, let’s look forward to the coming year and look forward to the 2020 SEO tips. Some of them are here.

#1: Optimize website speed:

Picture a customer typing a keyword, and the search results will reveal your content first. Then the client clicks on it to look for answers to his questions. To his frustration, it takes too long for your website to load. Finally, to give him quick answers, he retracts and searches for other pages.

Web Design Jeddah makes sure your website will be able to load in a few seconds. It shouldn’t take a minute or worse to load for a couple of minutes. Otherwise, high-profile prospects might be lost. Your products and services may be useful, but you will lose valuable customers because consumers are unable to access them quickly.

There are best practices you can follow for maximizing the loading pace of your website. The use of lighter images, premium and sensitive subjects, external JS and CSS files and caching systems are among others. Whenever possible, you should also defer loading content, stop using images to display text, and load JavaScript at the end of your article.

#2: Local Focus:

Google puts a great deal of focus on local products. Therefore, anything that impacts your local listing will have an important role to play in moving your company forward. Local SEO will give you various benefits today and in the coming years as Google is placing a growing emphasis on geo-targeted searches.

#3: Reviews Matter a lot:

If you’ve purchased products from giant online retailers like Amazon and Alibaba, then you should know that reviews play a major role in influencing your decisions. If there are consistently good reviews and recommendations in a brand, you are more likely to buy. Also, read 6 website design mistakes that turn off your customers.

The value of feedback is not something new, but they will continue to be put on them by Google and other search engines. The higher the online exposure is, the more favorable the feedback your customers send. This leads to more travel and business opportunities.

Because Google is also that its focus on local SEO, feedback will have an important role to play in ranking the page on top results. Web Design Company Doha implement ways to increase and boost customer reviews. Besides, earning good reviews will lead to higher recommendations, and your customers will market their products to other prospects themselves.

#4: Long-tail keywords:

Competition becomes higher and higher as more and more websites emerge to the scene. As these are increasingly important, this also spells the need for longer search queries. That is, just what consumers are searching for in terms of targeting. After all, at least four words in length are now more than one-third of Google search queries. That is likely to increase in the years to come.

#5: Optimize Voice Search:

Voice search complements the use of long-tail keywords. There is now a lower abbreviation in search and more natural conversation with more voice search taking place. Users are now looking for questions instead of entering one or two search terms. Google also found that local queries appeared to be more focused on voice search.

#6: Content is everything!

We refer to content that is quality, user-friendly and responsive. That’s why Google ranked quality on top search results to enhance user experience. By innovating your SEO practices, you can maintain a better user experience that, in turn, boosts your SEO results.

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