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6 Steps to Create a Magnetic Blog for Your Readers

It’s no wonder you’ve wanted to devote yourself to working in the web world. You may have seen loads of websites that each day get a massive amount of traffic. These web resources’ owners are becoming famous, earning substantial money, and being happy with life.


Let’s say you’ve opened a website already. You think it’s going to create some traffic. Sadly, the only thing you can see is that your website gives you zero results: you don’t have any views, you don’t get new customers, your brand doesn’t get exposure, and you spend your entire time in vain.

It’s a tragedy like that, isn’t it?

Let SEO Dubai introduce you to six steps to create a magnetic blog that will attract thousands of visitors and earn you money.

1. Know your niche and audience:

First of all, stuff. Identify your niche. It’s easy to do because you know what kind of product/service you’re going to offer as a businessman. Let’s take musical instruments, for example. You are the one who just released a new brand of guitar, and you want to get customers online, of course.

You’ve finally determined your niche, and it’s time to find out where to find potential customers for your excellent guitars.

2. Know your competitors:

Believe it or not, but why do I say, “competitors can learn a lot?” And, by finding the blogs of your rivals, you have an excellent opportunity to see:

  • What are they selling to their target audience: what kind of material they post?
  • Are they contributing to the blog video tutorials or not?
  • Should they pay attention to social media spreading the information?

We are not saying you ought to do the same thing as your rivals. But, please, bear in mind that these websites were known as the leaders that were part of Google’s TOP 10 tests. So you can get lots of useful information to spy on these web resources. Your rivals can give you a lot of material.

3. Brand visibility:

Even though your service is as fresh as hell, without the right brand exposure, you won’t dramatically scale up your customer database. Hey, it’s easier to say than to do sometimes. And to tell about yourself is the very first step you can take.

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  1. Create Social media presence:

  • Refresh your social media account information daily.
  • Always neglect posting comments from people.
  • Please answer questions from users.
  • Share your niche-related information, but do not continue with self-promotion.
  • You are using different eye grab methods: post images, photographs, infographics. Make sure you have interesting content.
  • Use Facebook to find new links as a great place to engage in different conversations.

Use Instagram as a business site to share inventions. Don’t forget to be closer to your users by sharing your regular shots.

5. Don’t forget about the content:

Can you recall this knowledge master sentence, situation master? Every knowledge is like a tool that you can use to your advantage. But why does every web marketer know that the quality of a rock-solid reality is king? Just because content provides users with answers to their questions.

And tell the truth, it doesn’t matter what kind of content you’ll bring to your audience. Many blogs win the game by only offering posts to their users. Some blogs like mixing up their content, creating jobs, videos, and even releasing podcasts.

6. Optimize the blog:

Speaking of written content, you should always concentrate on using the right keywords to help your content get a strong Google rating. Using only the content text type makes your blog dull. Do not forget to add to your blog photos, videos, infographics, etc. These visual additions will make visiting your blog exciting and desirable. Nevertheless, although you will have to be careful to add an optimized description, alt tags, and related keywords, as SEO Company in Dubai has already mentioned. Your blog will be invisible to Google’s first page without all these SEO preparations.


It’s not a simple process to build a magnetic blog; it takes a lot of time, patience, and energy. Without additional knowledge, doing it on your own could slow down your efforts. Fortunately, stuff on your side can’t be all that bad!

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