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6 Useful Tips for Incorporating Photo Content to Mobile Application

You can make or break your mobile app with good user experience. If the app is difficult to navigate and the photos are not transparent, most people are going to delete the app and never use it again. In reality, only once about 25% of people use a mobile app. 

One way to avoid this fate is by putting more thought and care into your app’s images and how it impacts the overall user experience. A Mobile App Development Riyadh will share six tips in this post to consider when adding photo content to your mobile apps.


Tip #1: Realistic Stock Photos:

Stock pictures are easy to access and can be of high quality in some cases. However, if you select stock images that don’t match the look and feel of your app, you run the risk of your app looking generic, cheap, and even awkward.

Stock pictures not fitting the story you need to tell will end up looking inauthentic and out of place. Not to mention, if it’s a popular image, dozens of other companies are likely to use it on their apps as well. You want to use pictures in the right context to tell a story. Make sure that the photo has a meaning and suits the rest of your mobile layout naturally.

Another long-term solution to the stock photo issue could be to learn how to take your photos. This will also add the necessary authenticity to your content and avoid any unforeseen problems with copyright infringement


Tip#2: Declutter your images:

Cut the clutter and keep it simple and focused on your interface. This works, especially photos, for every aspect of your design. Images can turn away mobile users with too much going on.

Moreover, never add pictures to fill space. Quality images are important for a good mobile app, but the aim will be defeated by too many images or too much clutter. This sets the tone for the app by offering the sign-up screen a sense of freedom and potential to inspire viewers to take the next step.


Tip#3: Don’t stick to one medium:

When deciding on image content, you don’t have to stick to a format. Illustrations and images in the same system can coexist nicely.

To represent specific ideas or stories, photography is great. It is better to use illustrations to demonstrate metaphors or abstract concepts.

Mixing media not only allows you to convey your concept or story using the right type of image, but it also makes visuals more interesting.

The Mobile App Development Dubai combines photography and illustrations into one image that will appear when the app is opened. It represents effectively the purpose of the brand to be a hub for writers, thinkers, and storytellers to share their thoughts with the world.


Tip#4: Use singular point focus:

Photos should include a recognizable focus point, as it focuses the attention of the viewer and enhances the message.


Tip#5: High-Resolution images:

To ensure that your pictures look good on any device, you should always provide high-resolution versions of all image assets. Mobile users are quickly turned away by pixelated or distorted images. 


Tip#6: Keep images consistent on the website:

If your website’s mobile app is an extension, be sure to use photos that reflect your website’s theme. It provides a seamless interface wherever the consumer is and immediately instills trust in the app. Web Design Dubai gives seamless website designs and development procedures.


Tip#7: Bring Delight:

Apps are designed to perform a task and communicate with their users. Beyond that, though, apps should be entertaining, exciting, and even enjoyable to use. Adding pleasure to an app is a great way to not only make it more human but also make it unique, as a good overall impression is not just about usability, it is also about personality.


To sum up! 

When you add images to your mobile app, the most important thing to keep in mind is the end-user. Resist the urge to insert photos where they are not necessary and stick to photographs that express your message, tone, and style clearly. When providing a great mobile user experience, this can go a long way.


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