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6 Website Design Mistakes That Turn Off Your Customers

The fact is that there is a lot of competition with different companies working to provide the world with the same product. If customers end up on your web page in such a situation, the project will catch their attention and attract them. Strange as it may sound, the product’s value comes into play well after your web pages ‘ aesthetics, as this is the first thing your prospective customer may come across.


If your website isn’t user-friendly, customers will think less about your product automatically. Web Design Dubai has therefore enlisted the six most common design mistakes that will turn your customers off for good:


1)     Cluttering:

The user experience should also be considered when it comes to the web design process. Many business home pages, including images and videos, are loaded with too much information about them. This results in a cluttered website that is neither pleasant to look at nor easy to search. It leaves the users frustrated, and they find it difficult to make decisions. They prefer to look for another page, therefore–often it’s the product of your competitor!

It’s simple to solve the problem. With Website Design Jeddahyou can be using a minimalist design approach, you can add information without resorting to cluttering. Also, do not insert content that is not important to the article.

2)     Incompatible with devices:

You need to realize when developing a website that more than half of consumers are going to work from their cell phones or tablets. Similarly, not everyone is using the same browser. Your web page must, therefore, be compatible with various devices and browsers. They should have an easy-to-use responsive webpage displayed in front of them regardless of where a person accesses your website.

3)     Inappropriate navigation:

How quick it can be navigated is the one primary factor that makes your website a success. Unfortunately, this is the biggest mistake made by different web designers.

It is encouraged to play with a new design or try to add a different touch to the website. It has to be done, however, in such a way that the visitor can get around without any difficulty. It is advised to stick to the most uncomplicated model of a navigator on the left or a top drop-down navigation bar. Also, read How creating a Lean Navbar can increase website conversions

4)     Keyword stuffing:

Material, they claim, is king, and rightly so. To make it informative and exciting, adding compelling content to your website is crucial. You ought to know how much to add, though.

Surprisingly, to attract customers, business owners believe in stuffing the name of their company as a keyword in their content. That’s not how it works, however. Web pages with heavy content should be avoided. After every two sentences, adding your business name to the content will make it awkward and difficult to read. You should, therefore, adhere to a subtle,’ less is more’ approach, but at the same time add more powerful words to make content on your web page worthwhile.

5)     Not using a specialist:

Not choosing a professional to design their website and their content is the biggest mistake companies make. Writing the copy itself will result in poorly written SEO-optimized material. Similarly, hiring an amateur to design their website can also lead to a variety of failures.

Besides the technical problems, the page’s aesthetics may also go wrong. Therefore, when it comes to designing your business websites, you should always go for professional SEO Services in Dubai to monitor your work.

6)     Irrelevant images:

Images and graphics are an integral part of web design as well. Images can easily communicate complex thoughts without having to read text physically. That being said, many companies use irrelevant images or images of low quality inexplicably. Images not of the highest quality can shut down the website and turn off visitors. 



These are some of the biggest and most common mistakes made when designing their web pages by business owners. To prevent your customers from navigating away from your site and business, these must be avoided. Remember, you can get an excellent return on investment by paying attention to your website development.

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