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7 Active SEO Video Tips to Improve the Rating of Your Search Engine

When working on your search engine rankings, it should no longer be an afterthought to use videos as part of your overall marketing plan. If you want to drive more traffic to your site and promote your brand, this is the way to go with quality video content. Production is fast, visual, and people love it. Turbo loading your video content for SEO also has great potential.


Here’s how your video content can be optimized and your SEO juiced!!!

Tip 1: Finding the right keyword:

The best SEO practices that you should use to help find your videos are quite similar to the process that you use when optimizing text content, except that your video title, tags and video description will use your keywords. 

Use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to pick 5-6 strong keywords and use them as your tags and include some of them in your video description. Your video description should be a simple, succinct summary of the clip, including some of the keywords in which you want to rate the video. Dubai SEO Company can drive high-quality video traffic.


Tip 2: Know your audience:

This tip may sound like a no-brainer but it must be part of your cycle of video planning. It pays to know what they are interested in to capture the attention of your target audience. Social Media Agency Dubai helps to put yourself in your audience’s shoes.


Tip 3: Optimize video title:

View your YouTube video title close to how you view your blog posts headlines. Be sure to fulfill your promise as people first notice video titles.


It means that your viewers should not be fooled into watching a video that is completely different from the title. If you do this, you will suffer over time from your ranking. For your video title, there should be at least 5 words.


Tip 4: Optimize your video description:

To get a summary of your video content, viewers are not the only ones to rely on your explanations. These will also be indexed by search engines, including YouTube and Google.

Place a link at the top of your description to your page. It helps to rate the page as well as bringing more traffic to it.


Tip 5: Feature a good video thumbnail:

Your video thumbnail is another element that your viewers will notice first. Your video thumbnails give a glimpse of your clips to viewers.

Use a thumbnail to represent your video in the best way.YouTube automatically gives you a choice of 3 thumbnails after uploading your video.


Tip 6: Get most out of the videos:

Consider some of these ideas to get the most out of the videos you’re creating:

  • Chat in your social networks. Stagger for a period of days — day one, posting on Twitter, day two posting on Facebook, day three posting on LinkedIn, etc., so you can get more out of the material.
  • Take from the video screengrabs of significant moments or suggestions. You can share these as Facebook images, or use them to create a slideshow that you can upload to different viewing sites, depending on the format of the video.
  • Just like text content, think of your videos as part of your sales funnel. Include phone calls at the end of your videos or video descriptions and make it easy for people to contact you by including a reference or email address in the description


Tip 7: Perfect your placement:

First, if you want to rate a video, make the video your page’s star. There’s no better way to make sure you don’t see your video than to bury it at the bottom of a dark page. Furthermore, Google prefers to index only one video per page, so count it! Web Design Dubai shall prioritizes the video above every other video on the page.



Videos are creating an emotional connection. They get stuck in the head of your audience, leading to awareness of the brand. They deliver the messages you need to convert your target audience, interested members. And last but not least, they could be a catalyst for successful SEO.


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