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7 Life-Saving Beginner Tips for better SEO Rankings

It’s one thing to have a great looking website, but if it’s not designed for search engines, you won’t get a lot of visitors and it could be a needless investment. Each business owner or specialist in marketing should have at least a basic SEO knowledge. SEO Dubai does that job well. It is not hard to get to grips with the fundamentals and does not require in-depth knowledge. 


SEO Tips for keywords:

  • Keywords are an extremely important part of the optimization of the search engine. 
  • They help tell the search engines about the pages on your website. 
  • Keywords can be generic, such as’ website design’ or phrase-specific, or region-specific, such as’ website design for WordPress. 
  • Standard keywords are going to have a lot of searches and they are very difficult to rate for. 
  • You could also say that unqualified leads are people searching for these terms. 
  • Less descriptive phrases are generally easier to rank for and are less reliable, referring to a more knowledgeable customer ready to buy


Meta Headings and Tags:

  • These will also need to be included in the meta headings, meta descriptions, and tags on a website, as well as including keywords in the material on the website or product pages.
  • The keywords are positioned at the end of these elements so that the keywords they have searched for are immediately visible on your search.
  • Running tests on headings and descriptions can help increase your website’s click-through rate.
  • The best results are likely to be a straightforward headline with a persuasive explanation.


Page Speed:

  • The page content is one piece of a larger SEO jigsaw you need on your website to worry about. 
  • How quick the loading of your site is a crucial factor you or your web company must periodically consider and report on. 
  • A slow-loading page will cause people to leave your website immediately, so if it takes a long time to load, any work you have done on the site will be useless. The Mobile App Development Company in Riyadh makes websites mobile-friendly.



  • An aspect that can greatly affect your search engine rankings is whether your website is sensitive or not and whether it performs well on a tablet or smartphone.
  • Many users use mobile devices to search the web than PCs, and Google has begun to favor mobile websites over those that don’t.
  • If your website is not currently working on a desktop, a lot of traffic and future sales are probably missing.
  • Therefore, with a Web Design Company Dubai that strives to build a website that has mobile-friendliness at the forefront, you can seek to improve your website.



  • Website protection is a very important factor that can influence the rankings of your search engine. 
  • Your website should have an SSL certificate that prevents people from seeing what users are browsing your website. 
  • It will also encrypt information that users share with the page, providing a good level of security for eCommerce websites in general. Digital marketing Dubai will help you in this matter.


Frest Content:

  • We also want to learn that fresh material is appreciated by Google. 
  • This is not only because fresh content is more important to consumers, but also because you are still involved, let Google know. 
  • One simple tip is that one of your popular but older posts can be updated. 
  • Simply add relevant and up-to-date information and re-publish the post with the current date. 
  • Posts with a year in their name are a perfect opportunity for this simple SEO technique. Social Media Agency Dubai will market your brand.



  • Backlinks are also a very important part of basic SEO. 
  • A backlink is when linking to another website is listed by one website. 
  • These backlinks should come from websites of high quality that are linked to the topic of your content. 
  • One of your most simple SEO goals should be high-quality backlinks because it can quickly skyrocket your rating. 
  • You can quickly get started with backlink software and hunt down some of those important backlinks.

Wrapping up!

Start setting up your website and compare your results before and after. See what works best for you as there are different sizes and industries. SEO has been around for quite some time and is constantly evolving, so keep up to date with your web pages.

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