7 Reasons Why Your SEO isn’t Working

To prospective customers, digital marketing companies also receive inquiries about ranking on search engines, producing more leads, and more. When these potential customers say they have digital marketing problems, the experts of the agency learn about their current tactics of digital marketing and learn what their strengths and weaknesses are in the process.

One of the challenges that digital marketing experts are trying to solve for consumers is why their SEO is not working. Once these reasons have been identified, SEO Dubai can start working on the solution: implementing SEO for companies correctly.


Reason 1: Slow Page Load Speed:

In modern technology, user experience is extremely valuable. With a significantly reduced attention span, coupled with the abundance of alternative sources, page load speed can often be a major disincentive to potential customers and customers. If your website has multiple videos, uncompressed images or other elements with large file sizes, consider compressing those components or even removing them completely. Also, read 6 Practical Tips for SEO you should know and apply for 2020.

Reason 2: HTML Tags unoptimized:

HTML tags take various forms, but the implementation of best practices across the board is important. Below we identify some of the most significant on-page SEO ranking factors and some favorite editing methods.

  • Title tag: Title tags should be descriptive and a high-level keyword should be introduced that represents your company or site’s overarching aspect.
  • Header Tag: Header tags are extremely important as they contribute to the experience of the user. They help to design the site and help users to understand and recognize what each page or segment is about.
  • Meta description: The meta description is also an important element of HTML that affects the rankings of SEO and search. They provide more information about your website to users and search engines.

Reason 3: Black Hat Tactics:

Gone are the days when search engines accepted “black hat” or outdated tactics like keyword stuffing, keyword cloaking, paid links, etc. While Google continues to update its algorithm to eradicate these techniques from the internet, pages that fail to adopt such strategies are penalized.

Instead of trying to beat the search engines in their own game, it is recommended that you only use permitted strategies to improve your rankings as one algorithm update could immediately deprecate any “black hat” tactics and metrics.

Reason 4: Poor keyword optimization:

Optimization of keywords is vital to the SEO of your domain because it catches the attention of both web searchers and popular engines like Google. Although searchable content does not mean the content is automatically optimized.

People are only going to look for what is useful or interesting to them, and they are not going to dig for data. It’s up to you to find content and keywords that users are looking for.

Reason 5: Not using social media:

Social Media Agency Dubai tactics are constantly evolving, one thing we stand by in 2019 is that social media is not optional anymore. When you publish content from your social media and it gains momentum, more people are likely to start noticing you, and the product is going to start increasing.

Reason 6: Not optimizing website:

How people are looking for today may vary greatly from next month’s popular search results. For this reason, companies wishing to optimize their websites for SEO purposes should adhere to a marketing calendar for content.

Compliance with a content schedule can be beneficial both in keeping you organized in your working life and for SEO purposes because you don’t want your business to fall back in the rankings.

Reason 7: Not a secure website:

During the height of internet malfeasance, Google has prioritized this to enhance user experience and peace of mind, especially on e-commerce sites. A lock icon in front of their domain name in the search bar will be rewarded. Google would penalize those who fail to enforce this rule and their pages will be branded with a red “Not Safe” tag–a major deterrent to new users.

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Businesses need to optimize their search engine websites as optimization will result in increased traffic, higher sales rates, and increased revenue. For the best results, SEO in Dubai is using SEO tactics must ensure that the strategy is carried out efficiently.

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