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7 SEO Areas to Boost Video Visibility

If you want your message to be widely accepted and user engagement with it to increase dramatically, video is your medium. However, no one deals with a piece of content that is of no benefit.

To prevent this from happening to yours, here are a few primary SEO areas highlighted by SEO Dubai that you should stay on top of to ensure the effectiveness of your video content.


1) Keyword Research:

A keyword is a word, term or phrase used online by potential users to find specific content. It is then essential to find the right keywords to target potential viewers to whom your videos are intended.

There are two types of keywords in SEO generally speaking: broad-keywords and long-tail keywords.

Broad-keywords are more generic and tend to have a higher volume of competitors, whereas long-tail keywords point to specific less competitive phrases. To get you started, a good idea is to think back to the type of video you’re trying to promote.

2) Hosting Platform:

What the “best” hosting system is for your video depends on your target audience and promotional goals.

YouTube is the most popular and known worldwide, but there are plenty of other platforms where you can upload your video to reach your audience.

However, note that social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) are also a prime location for native hosting of your videos. Especially if there is already an existing audience.

3) Title and Video descriptions:

Titles and video descriptions have a lot of SEO value, particularly when the right keywords are included! Web Design Dubai also helps your viewers get a general idea of the quality of your video.

The titles should be descriptive, searchable, and attract the attention of your viewers. Never use erroneous names, too! We lower the number of views and lose the reputation of the client.

Fields of definitions usually break in sections before and after the hop. Prioritize the first few lines for a brief description of your video and include the keyword. After that, it is advisable to add channel information, social media platforms, links, websites, and other video content

4) Thumbnails:

Make sure to create a captivating branding picture in big, bold letters with a bit of text relevant to the content. It can be helpful to maintain a similar style between thumbnails as it provides continuity on your video platform.

SEO Services Dubai counts thumbnails as an element of SEO because many video platforms prioritize videos and channels where people click constantly, regardless of viewing time. And thumbnails are going a long way to get people to click.

5) Tags:

Tags are another important part of the SEO puzzle of your videos.

There are three types: compound, common, and generic. Attributes help the algorithms of a website get a better understanding of what your video is about, which can increase the chances of seeing your video and rating it.

The first tag has a little more weight to it in most situations. Also, read Everything you need to know about JavaScript SEO.

6) Audience retention:

You should keep an eye on this metric constantly, and combine it with the user behavior to improve the performance of your content. When, at a specific point, many users drop out of your stream, watch your content and avoid anything that turns them off.

The more your content is remembered by the viewer, the more important it will be provided by the algorithms, helping to better position your content on search pages.

7) Using CTAs:

A CTA or Call To Action is a standard device/tool for the video that encourages users to take action after viewing your content.

It’s often used to encourage someone to keep watching another piece of content you’ve created. You can, however, encourage potential customers to purchase, donate, subscribe to your channel, or take them to your website.

The concept behind adding a CTA to your content on video is to create a meaningful response that will help you achieve your business goals. Every video should have its own specific content CTA.


Although not every possible SEO optimization approach that you can do with your videos, the areas in this piece should ensure that your content starts to perform better and that your efforts are made to make them pay off.

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