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7 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

You need to be careful when you’re doing the SEO of your page. You will now be penalized by the methods used to operate. The techniques are now indispensable that used to be a waste of time. Because Google frequently changes its search algorithm, sometimes it’s not surprising that marketers get confused. Speculations on the latest SEO trends are rampant and many myths are a breeding ground.


SEO Services Dubai created a list of 7 SEO mistakes to avoid in 2019 to help you avoid making this mistake. Let’s begin:


1.     Duplicate Content:

Duplicate content in the context of SEO means the same content appearing within the same or different domain (website) on more than one webpage (URL). There may be different types of duplicate content. Duplicate versions of the homepage are one of the most common errors:

  • Homepage Duplication
  • Duplicate URL
  • Different webpages having the same content.


Don’t forget content marketing: Don’t expect your hired SEO team to significantly boost your website traffic just with on-site optimization, link building, and no content strategy in place.

Many things have changed drastically in the SEO world, especially in recent years when content has started to play a critical role in deciding if your SEO or digital marketing campaign is successful.

No SEO approach should be considered without the implementation of content marketing. The days that SEO companies are creating hundreds of backlinks on directories, social book networking pages, blog reviews, and forum posts pointing to a static website are all over.


3.     Poor site structure:

You fail to incorporate best SEO practices into the website architecture while building a new website. This is completely understandable because the developer of the web is not a specialist in SEO. Therefore it is very common to overlook an aspect of site architecture. For each move away from the home page is a web page, less and less of that total authority will be passed on to it. All other factors being equal, the further from the home page the page is, the worse it will be.


4.     Don’t have multiple screens:

With so much emphasis on usability, the decline of the hegemony of desktop browsers, and the proliferation of mobile devices, Google made it very clear that Google has no mobile experience, no love!

Hence, developing a user-friendly website design that works well and quickly across all devices, especially mobile and tablet.

Using one of three popular mobile development technologies, such as a dedicated mobile site or responsive design or a native application, you can easily build mobile versions for your website.


5.     Wrong keyword use:

Keywords have been, are, and will always be an important aspect of SEO. Google’s crawlers analyze your small business site quickly to understand your content’s purpose.

Most small business owners do not use the right keywords, but they rank for different keywords and key phrases that do not result in any productive results. This happens because if you want to avoid SEO errors, people skip the keyword research process that is crucial to any strategy.

Web Design Dubai suggests that you use Google Keyword Planner in Google Ads to help with your site’s keyword research.


6.     Poor Social media presence:

How well and how often do you use social media to promote your business? Have you got a strategy in place?

Well, as a small business owner who wants to rank his / her website in the SERPs, you should be aware that a successful marketing strategy for social media helps to overcome common SEO errors.

This is because, on social channels, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all other search engines are evaluating how people interact with your product. The deeper the social contribution, the more benefits your company receives from SEO.


7.     Broken Links:

Being cautious as a businessman means ensuring that your clients do not have any errors on your page. Broken, deceptive, or negative ties are going to destroy your reputation and cause a drop in rankings. To avoid such unfortunate events, you should regularly use various SEO error checker tools to pay attention to the health of your website.


Final Words!

You have to know how SEO works if you really expect to take the game to the next level.


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