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8 Easy-to-Action Mobile-First Design Tips for The User Journey

When it comes to creating mobile content, less is more. Simple enough in theory, but how hard it can be to cut back on the bare necessities, you’ll be surprised.

Next, the main goal of Mobile App Development in Saudi Arabia is to provide simple, descriptive content that helps users make decisions, then act quickly. Speed is always key, but on the phone, this is more crucial than ever.


Once you have determined the goals of the users and the needs of your customers, then you have decided on the most important content, you can get to the fun part: making it the best-looking e-commerce site around. The endgame is always to provide a great user experience— smooth travel leads to happy customers and more sales!


1)     Visual Hierarchy:

Place it in order of importance to make the content pack a punch, and then use it to help organize the page layout. SEO Dubai content includes goods featured, items for sale, new releases, discount codes, forms, and buttons for action.

All the usual suspects also apply headings, various elements of width, bolding, and more help to catch the eye of the client and lead them through the page. This also has an extra benefit on the mobile phone. Having CTAs big on the mobile attracts attention, but it also makes clicking on with a thumb or fingers super easy.


2)     Avoid Large content:

Whether it’s a massive body of text, a massive image, or a mile-long form, any content that goes on for too long will be a major turn-off for mobile shoppers. 


We’ve become extremely impatient creatures, and that’s amplified on the mobile — people are on the go, in a hurry, or browsing quickly between meetings at work. Anything that feels like a drag is going to have users skipping elsewhere, from excessive scrolling to heavy reading.

Think about how the same message can be transmitted in fewer words, or add an interactive element to make the information more manageable.


3)     Make elements clickable:

Elements such as menus, buttons, pictures, and navigation arrows must be made large enough to be quickly tapped with a thumb or finger when designing for mobile. Using white space to surround all interactive elements, scatter any hyperlinks in text, and be generous with the size of the key. Make life easier for users and think about finding menus and relevant buttons at the bottom of the screen.


4)     No control or hover effects:

If you usually rely on such effects to create a good UX, you’ll need to reconsider how this data can be presented and how it can be made clear to the user. Directional messages like “tap to zoom” or “swipe back view” may be useful in creating a clear user path.


5)     Avoid extra digital weight:

Speed is created or broken when it comes to a mobile sale. The fact that the phone comes with restricted bandwidth complicates this further. Leave unnecessary software behind to work around this, try avoiding heavy media files, optimizing frames, and counting each frame.


6)     Use white space:

You can guide the consumer by highlighting important elements by using lots of white space in the mobile layout. Combine micro and macro white space and prepare the white space deliberately instead of leaving it to chance. Mobile also lends itself to colors that are bright, bold, simple, and solid. Both work hand in hand with white space to draw the eye of the client and stand out from the rest of the site


7)     Breakpoints on content:

Determining breakpoints based on the device used was a common approach in web design. 

Simply put, a breakpoint is where you change the layout of your design to make your content look its best. The general rule is to add a breakpoint when your content begins to look bad.


8)     Communication mobile-friendly:

It’s easy to reach out. Live chat is a great feature to have, as it mirrors the communication style that mobile users are used to getting in their pockets. Social Media Agency Dubai provides instant gratification, which is a great win at all times.


Wrapping up!

Give users as quickly and smoothly as possible what they need, while leading them through the most important content of your business.


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