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8 Latest Layout Trends for a Lively Website

You would want to be fine, welcoming and pleasing to the eye, of course, the design and settings. Websites do not differ from this scenario. Site visitors are like guests sitting at your’ table’ to enjoy a festival of your online offers. Your web design layout can make or break the experience of users of your site; after all, it’s all about how different elements are arranged using different patterns and structures.

So, if you’re looking to design a vibrant and entertaining website, here are 8 of Web Design Company in Riyadh new layout trends found in their 2019 web design trends.


Broken Grid Layout:

Grids are the building blocks for the web design of your page. They provide the foundation or framework on which all the elements of your website can be designed. Grids have historically been organized in approximately 12 columns or vertical lines. 

Nevertheless, the latest trend is to build fragmented grid designs using overlapping elements and web page layering. Several ways to break the grid include the use of custom sizes for lines and sections and the use of borders to balance sections and columns. Broken grid designs deviate from the normal tidy, ordered grid, resulting in a novel and attractive effect.

If you’re designing a website and still don’t know what good broken grid designs can do to the web design of your page, we’ve got the answer for you. They completely dissect the grid theory and allow the mixing of images and text elements; helping a web designer create beautifully unexpected patterns for a website.


Symmetrical or Asymmetrical:

This is about balance, and traditional web design gravitates toward an asymmetrical arrangement of elements on both sides of a web page, producing some form of mirror image effect. Recent trends, however, indicate a distinct tendency toward an asymmetric format. It evokes a sense of peculiarity and invites the reader to explore your website. A third option is a mixture of the two with some symmetrical and more asymmetrical sections.


Colorful transitions and Dynamic Gradients:

The transition from one shade or color to another is, to say the least, fascinating. A dynamic gradient is created when this effect is used in web design, and it’s no wonder that this trend has taken off. Transitions can hardly be missed and the guests can note them, for sure, as and when you introduce them. Transitions are all about a safe new view that visitors don’t need to go to the experience on a new page.

As backgrounds and pictures, dynamic gradients work very well. Duotone gradients can be drawn over images or multicolored ones with blur and distortion characteristics. 


Floating Navigation menus:

This latest trend by Website Design Company Dubai in layout ensures that your users are not left in the lurch. The navigation bar remains visible at the top of the screen as they scroll down your web page so they can easily access it. This sort of floating navigation list will not disappear as soon as you scroll down the page and allow visitors to have the menu options at their disposal at all times.


Particle Background:

What’s more, some of the backgrounds of recent trending particles will make a great drawcard. Including basic dots or snowfall to geometric shapes and complex pictures and designs, anything is possible. Particle background animations may be prominent and sensitive to user interaction, or they may simply remain in the background, creating the complexity and atmosphere you like.


Drop Down shadows:

Web Design Company Qatar uses soft and subtle shadows, bright-colored gradients, or a mix of both can achieve this. You can create a 3D effect by playing with drop shadows and accentuate the objects that you want to bring to the fore while creating the illusion that there is more beyond the camera. Also, read Create a presell page with powerful words


Playful illustrations:

Illustrations are so strong that they can help you soberly boast of your idea that the world is for all the eyes or something your images obviously cannot capture or represent. Playful illustrations will give your website a much-needed injection of personality, irony, and friendliness, making it more engaging and natural.


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