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8 Ways Web Design is Different From Graphic Design

Both need a good understanding of typography, graphics, and design principles. But in the end, different pursuits with different areas of expertise are web and graphic design.


Web design is a dynamic medium:

Contrasting web design with graphic design is like contrasting an iPad with a drawing. All feature stunning graphics, but one is interactive and if you click it, the other will give you a safety guide to the entrance.

The origin of graphic design is in print. Whether a magazine layout or a book for children, printed materials tend to be less interactive than their digital counterparts. But to tell a story or convey a message, they still rely on an imaginative array of pictures, text, and other graphics. Flow and logic must be to handle printed material.

Web design has these same origins as a predominantly visual design discipline, but the emphasis on the web is how art can create environments with which people can interact—participate— not just consume.

The website will have different paths that users can take — Web Design Dubai needs to ensure that users have a good experience and can achieve their goals. We understand how navigational elements direct, affect and improve a user’s experience, call to action buttons, and other interactive elements.


Web design is about load times and file sizes:

Web design is about ideas and aesthetics, but they are all about optimization as well. The pictures, motion graphics, animations, and other graphic elements should look good and should be small enough to load on all devices easily. Bad user interface and high bounce rates result in long load times.


The only time graphic design might be worried about file size is when they try to fit the big promotional banner into their compact car’s back.


Web design has typography hurdles!

Without worrying too much about how it will display in the final deliverable, graphic design can use almost any font — as long as the name is worth the printer. However, web design needs to consider how different screens and browsers will display text.


Web design has a broad application of design:

Inside realistic requirements, graphic design work— they build a square peg that matches a square hole. Good web design should work towards designing a peg that fits each hole without cramming or breaking the design, regardless of size or shape.

Web design needs to take size into account. With screen size, typography, images, and other visual elements are scaled up or down. The goal is to be readable for all these elements and make on any device good user experience.

For consistent user experience, a nice, insightful Website Design Company in Saudi Arabia strip a project to its essential elements.


Web design is a caregiver:

A website is a living thing that is constantly changing— it’s never really done. Calls to action and content can be interpreted as improvements in the branding of a brand, adding items to e-commerce pages, and improving navigation to improve sales. When a graphic design professional signs off on a proof, that’s usually the end of that project. However, the work of a web designer is never done.


Web design is a relationship with the audience:

Traffic and repeat visits are all about websites. They are a product that an audience consumes. If it’s wonky, somebody’s sure to notice — and think about it.

Web design learn about it when things don’t work the way they should, or when users dislike a project! The internet for thoughts and suggestions is a superhighway. Just read any news article’s comments. In reality, scratch it. Save your sanity.


Web design coordinates:

It is important to have good communication skills, whether you are a web design or a graphic design. Every plan has a set of expectations of its own. Incorporating feedback and explaining your process will help any project to go smoother.


Web design using creativity to communicate:

Web design is a visual medium— its roles involve visual communication design, and the harmony between copy and visual elements to tell a story depends on them. Although its ranges overlap, the web design method has different disciplines with different areas of expertise.


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