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9 Actionable Social Media Tips for Your Website

Social media is harder than you think, at least if you’re doing the right thing.

Developing and regularly executing a good social media strategy takes a lot of time and energy when there are other areas of your company that need your attention. Social media can be an excellent resource for increasing brand awareness, reaching new customers and building valuable relationships in your industry with existing customers or other experts.


1. Implement consistent page branding:

Go check the photos on your social accounts for your profile. Are any of them foolish? You will also want to make sure that you use consistent branding assets across channels because consistency means reliability in the eyes of a potential customer. Make sure that your logo is formatted the same way, use the same color schemes and, if possible, try to use the optimum photo size when posting to each platform. It takes a long way to build trust with consumers to be consistent in your work and content.


2. Craft profile carefully:

Your number of characters here is small, so you’ll want the words you choose to be careful. Take some time to do some SEO research with the SEO Company Dubai and see if you can bring into your description some high-search-volume terms that are important to your market, of course. Never sacrifice search volume relevance.

Many social platforms have greater limits of character, which means that the definition of your profile may be longer or more detailed. 


3. Display reviews:

A good form of social evidence is having good customer reviews on your Facebook page. When it comes to choosing between your company and another potential customer, you’ll need stellar reviews that provide more context than a basic x-star rating to convince them you’re the best choice. The aim here is to include instructions for the response of the client so that a review can be done as easily and quickly as possible.


4. Use social media listening tools:

Listen to conversations. Use social media as a way to keep up with your competition and get more in tune with your customers.

One great way to do this is to build lists on Twitter or to follow related hashtags. You can build competitor lists, accounts you draw inspiration from, and your most respected customers to see what they are currently interested in and what they are up to.


5. Get involved in groups:

Identify and enter digital niche groups. You can still check in to stay informed and learn from your peers even if you’re not very involved in them. But being part of the group will only add value to participating in group conversations.


6. Share work samples:

Use your social platforms as a means of demonstrating what you can do! If you’ve been working on a project that has some impressive customizations, or you’ve revamped the brand of a customer let the online world know and post examples of custom work that demonstrate your range of skills and abilities.


7. Creative Content:

You are employed in a creative industry, so take advantage of that. To draw attention to your accounts and encourage people to engage with your content, use custom graphics, motion graphics, and video.


8. Tag in third party content:

Giving third-party content shoutouts and tagging companies gets more eyes on the post you’re sharing and can translate into more people checking out your account. Recognizing the good work and achievements of others can also encourage other companies to tag you in their content, or to give you a kind word on social media, which is even more beautiful if they have a big follower. Be kind to your network, in other words, and they will be kind to you.


9. Social media ads:

The ad set-up process for these platforms is simplified, making it easier for you to determine whether to use advertising on both platforms. Social Media Marketing Company Dubai is user-friendly to set up an ad and Facebook has plenty of resources to help you build the most successful ads possible.



Do not wait any longer — start using social media as a platform to grow your company with web design and development and build yourself as a legitimate brand.


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