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9 Custom Integrations to Make Your Website Work for You!

Remember how the glass slipper suits only the beautiful feet of Cinderella? Okay, break out your tiara because the royal treatment is also worthy of your website. Running a website is no small feat, and the resources you’re going to use will vary depending on your needs.

Everyone needs a personalized web presence if they want to shine their work. We thought it would be helpful if we broke down into categories that you need to know about how best to manage a website. Web Design Dubai rounded up the best integrations. 


Who is eager to get to work?


1)     G- Suite:

We both know and love Gmail and Google Docs. Honestly, when flying, the offline editing mode is a lifesaver. The freebie versions work fine, but you can switch to a custom email with your domain via G Suite if you want to give your blog a little extra polish. The email starts with your domain— nam@yourwebsite.com is more professional and expresses a certain level of expertise immediately. Plus you can add to this domain any future team members you may have.


2)     Disqus:

This will give your blog posts a more interactive and user-friendly comment system. So many good sites are using Disqus, so users can easily post on their website without having to make a special account. Users in one location can monitor comments on various sites— making it easier for them. It also makes it easy for your audience to track and respond to incoming posts, so you’ll never miss something.


3)     Password Protect:

You may want to see specific pages on your website only by choosing customers or collaborators. If you are building your online portfolio, for instance, you may want to keep some examples of your work private. To create a more interactive experience on your site as a whole, add a password to these pages and make the most of your domain.


4)     Connect Social Media Accounts:

Social Media Marketing Dubai, or even your social media accounts, can help grow your business or spread the word about your work. Make sure your social icons are noticeable on your blog and/or website and add them to a few strategic locations — the header, the footer, your blog’s sidebar. After comments or images, add sharing features.


5)     Upload PDFs:

The addition of downloads to your website would help make it more stable and personalized for your audience. You may have a comprehensive media kit, an e-book file, or a printable checklist that you want consumers to access. The options are endless, each creating an incentive for viewers to visit your website for downloading.


6)     Google Analytics:

Analytics is your best friend to expand your site seriously. The more advanced the technology you’re talking about, the better. Google is going into depth on everything you might want to know about your website— from traffic analysis to bouncing to popular content. This type of data is gold because it gives you the ability to understand what works for your site and then duplicate it.


7)     Google Adsense:

This allows you to host third-party ad services on your website, which ensures that through popular services such as Google Adsense, small businesses and bloggers can host ads. In other words, you can easily generate additional income by setting up the service once and then seeing your numbers grow from it


8)     Zapier:

By connecting to email, Slack, Dropbox, and other tools you rely on, this handy integration tool can automate your workflow. Automation is a GREAT game-changer when it comes to productivity and optimizing your time — a must when you’re a busy freelancer or small business owner.


9)     Acuity:

Link your website to Acuity, allowing visitors to book their appointments as needed. This saves lots of phone calls and offers the customers a great front-end user experience. Besides, it’s an enormous time saver because you don’t have to record anything manually.


Wrapping up!

There are plenty of other design implementation examples that Website Design Company Dubai has created to help make life easier for our customers.


Let’s Get in Touch:

So, if you think you might need custom integration to make your website the best it can be, please feel free to contact us to start a conversation.

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