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9 Important Things for Web and Mobile E-commerce Application Testing

Testing e-commerce websites and mobile applications are crucial so that it does not compromise on various critical factors such as user experience, mobile responsiveness, protection of customer data, fast loading time, and safe payment. Therefore, the quality of your e-commerce website (or mobile app) relies on the proper functioning of these variables and has no bugs in it. Web Design Company Dubai thus offers a fun and enjoyable experience to your customers.


Why testing is crucial?

The main reasons for testing your e-commerce application are to check the application’s usability, user-friendliness and bugs-free your e-commerce website and applications.

  • Functionality: Main Pages: Homepage, Product page, Special Offers, Us page, Sitemap pages, Privacy Policy page, Press Releases page, etc.
  • Category / Product Type Pages: The product page is made up of options like product size, color, and type. A sorting feature is available to filter products based on price, model, size, etc. Also present in the category pages is the “Add to Cart” or “Add to Wishlist” feature.
  • Product Description Page: Consists of product name, description, product images, related products, feature add to cart, comparison of product, additional product details, etc.
  • Shopping Cart: Show the list of items, delete the item from the list, cash on delivery option, pick the delivery option, pay the ticket, pay now a choice, etc.


  • Workflow:

Testing the complete workflow of your e-commerce web / mobile application consists of: 

  • Login and Signup options
  • Search functionality
  • Product review posting feature 
  • Sorting feature 
  • Applying filters to select the desired product(s) 
  • Check out process 
  • Order number and invoice generation 
  • Payment gateway and payment processing


  • Payment Gateway functionality:

Another critical feature to test is the payment gateway, and several checks are required to ensure that it works properly and provides security during online transactions.

You need to ensure the correct product price, delivery charges, VAT, discount codes are all applied and the price customer has to pay is the correct amount. Ensure if the invoice and emails produced after the payment process are sent.


4)     Security and Vulnerability:

E-commerce applications contain valuable information (personal and banking data of customers) that you need to conduct security tests to check for privacy or vulnerability issues. You can use test methods such as SQL injection, log-in ethical hacks, register, payment gateway, and other specific sites.


5)     Compatibility with a web browser:

Working on all types of web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. is important for e-commerce applications. You need to test the application’s browser compatibility to ensure that your customers can easily use your e-commerce website.


6)     Testing for mobile responsiveness:

Mobile devices now take over the internet using web channels and companies are taking a mobile-first approach to their e-commerce applications. You need to check the application’s responsive design in different screen size mobile devices. Mobile App Development Company Dubai builts mobile responsive pages for your business.


7)     Performance and SEO related things:

Another important thing is to check the quality of your website in e-commerce research. You need to perform performance testing on parameters such as web page loading speed, latency, data transfer rate, capacity, uptime, server quality, website traffic load tolerance, error messages, etc. You have to check whether SEO techniques like title tags, meta-descriptions, etc. SEO Company Dubai makes sure these are implemented correctly.


8)     Other things to be tested:

Other common things that you need to test in your e-commerce application include website content, website format, website accessibility, cookies, social buttons, content added/deleted, link removal / added, web standards, analytics, and shipping settings changes.


9)     Social media Integration:

Some of the most significant considerations for its success is whether it is an e-commerce app or a social media platform. Nonetheless, you must ensure the integration of social networks is compatible with the design and workflow of the website. A/B analysis is the simplest way of evaluating the process for social media. Social Media Company Dubai does what is supposed to be done.

By carrying out thorough e-commerce application testing on the website, you can significantly reduce the number of errors that occur when your customers make the website live.

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