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9 Popular Mobile UI Designs Trends 2019

Nearly every activity in our life has invaded smartphones. Various apps are helping us and making life simpler. Designers need to immerse themselves in the peculiarities of mobile apps, learn their constituents and functionality to create efficient UI. Mobile App Development Company in Riyadh has great UI designs for your mobile applications to make them look appealing.


Popular Mobile UI Designs:


1)     Splash Screen :

When the user experience is enjoyable from the very start of app interaction, there are more chances that it will become more popular with customers. That’s why you need to pay as much attention to the splash screen like any other mobile app screen. Usually, they are minimalist and show a product name, logo, or slogan. Web Design Riyadh concentrate the components in the center of the screen to ensure that the splash screen looks great on separate systems.


2)     Onboarding Screen:

Onboarding screen is a collection of screens with a mobile app, its navigation system, characteristics and advantages that the app can bring to potential customers. They appear to consumers who first launch the app to help them get focused within unfamiliar characteristics and controls as well as know whether the application can be helpful to them.


3)     Home and Menu Screen:

The home screen is a key component of any implementation. It is the primary screen from which consumers communicate with most application choices in the context of mobile apps. Digital Marketing Dubai designs depending on the type of a product and some key elements common to different types still exist for its purpose.


4)     Log-in and profile screen:

Many apps today give customers to create their private accounts, so every developer needs to understand how to work with screens for log-in and profile. Logging in screens should be minimal and clear to allow users to access the application readily. Usually, there are two areas where customers can use the confirmation button to enter their name and password. The sign-up choice must always be available for individuals using the app for the first moment.


5)     Stats screen:

Different apps contain user activity statistics. The more information it offers, the more difficult it is to produce a stats screen’s mobile design. Designers need to ensure that all the important data that still needs to be evident and usable on the screen can be seen. Graph curves, scales, and initial icons can create a mobile app look smooth and clean on the statistics screen. Also, statistics displays involve separate typography to enable users to read the information readily.


6)     Catalog Screen:

Visual presentation has a major effect on choices made by users. A catalog is a list of products offered for sale by the business. The task of a designer is to produce a catalog that attracts attention from customers and encourages them to purchase a product. The item list in mobile apps can be comparable to many websites of e-commerce. SEO Dubai makes your website rank high among viewers.


7)     Checkout screen:

Today, a lot of purchases are made via smartphones, so businesses are trying to create the process of mobile shopping as convenient as never before. The method of checkout is a final step for customers to take before buying the item. The job of designers is to create individuals comfortable as individuals take this step.


8)     Feed Screen:

For communication and following the news and updates around them, people often use different social network apps. The feed is a list of news and other information that users choose to follow continuously. The news can be provided by scrolling one by one.  Social Media Marketing Dubaito make the navigation more intuitive.


9)     Contacts Screen:

For a long time, the contact list has evolved. From paper notes to the various digital versions, visually it still delivers only one objective: to save important information on friends and other individuals nearby. The mobile contact screen provides customers in alphabetical order with a list of contact information sorted by the name.



To wrap up, loads of mobile apps now appear, bringing out new screen kinds for fresh user’s demands. Designers should be prepared to take up this challenge and pursue innovations at all times. 


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