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9 Tips and Best Practices for Branding Your Non-Profit Website

The online donation has seen consistent growth year-over-year. But how can you ensure that your non-profit website continues to receive traffic, generate donations, and raise awareness – particularly with the regular flood of content saturating the web? One answer: by branding effectively. While online giving is an upward trend across the globe, you should still focus on branding your non-profit website so that crucial opportunities to generate more visibility, donations, involvement, and so much more are not missed.


Tips for branding your non-profit website:


1)     Responsive Design:

Responsive development doubles on mobile devices, as mobile and tablet users account for half of all non-profit website traffic. Make sure that your non-profit website provides users with access to mobile devices and set it up so that your visitors can view and interact with any of its components from a mobile device. Mobile App Development Dubai will make you an effective responsive design for your website.


2)     Logo and Design for Audience and Mission:

The layout of your non-profit website will reflect your target audience and purpose. For example, if your company operates within the Amazon jungle to save trees in forests, your logo should have earth-colored tones and likely have a tree in its emblem. You want the overall color scheme and design of your website to suit those tones and logos as well. Web Design Dubai will integrate website elements that record and show this year’s number of trees saved by donations and over the lifetime of your non-profit so donors know how to support.


3)     Awards and Achievements:

Once tourists land on your website, they want to know why they should support your cause and precisely why they should trust your non-profit. If you want to trust your product, highlight verifiable evidence on the homepage of your website. Showcase recognition that you got from your supporting groups and organizations. List the endowments you have received and grants. The point is, if you want to project credibility for your non-profit brand, you need to provide solid proof of the work it has done, highlight those who help your work, and clearly show why your non-profit is important to its cause. Digital Marketers Dubai will showcase your recognition.


4)     Strategic Alliances:

List other well-known and trusted organizations that you frequently collaborate with and showcase the work you do together to build a strong identity for your non-profit website. Building a strong brand and active online community is based on strategic partnerships and alliances.


5)     Transparent and Authentic:

The website should be open and honest about its finances and how its activities are performed. And its employees and big donors should include photos and bios. Your non-profit website, above all, must stay real and honest and present a brand that is genuine and truly committed to its mission.


6)     Clear Contact Information:

Have on your website a contact form or telephone number to make it easy for potential donors, volunteers and supporters to reach you. Just make sure it’s easy to get in touch with you from mobile devices, particularly if you want your non-profit brand to be one that projects trust and accountability.


7)     Share content:

Content is crucial to the marketing strategy of any company and is the only way today to create a dedicated and supportive audience. Marketing content is all about building relationships. And you will naturally attract more people to your non-profit website and its cause when you build meaningful relationships across online outlets. SEO Dubai conducts valuable content marketing.


8)     Social Media Activity Links:

Social media agency in Dubai makes it easy for visitors to your website to connect with you; provide links to your website’s social media profiles. Therefore, when you illustrate the social media activity of your non-profit on your website, you also provide social proof that others are supporting your organization and its work.


9)     Allow Volunteers to sign up:

Allow them to sign up directly to your website for volunteer shifts or projects. Make it easy for them to contact you at the very least when they are interested in getting involved or having questions.



In a nutshell, you’ll want to make sure it’s user-friendly, straightforward, engaging, and trustworthy when you brand your non-profit website.


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