Top Advertising Mistakes SaaS Companies Make Very Often: Caution, Must Avoid!

Advertising is usually dependent upon best practices, tactics, strategies and capabilities. It will probably change depending upon the area you are trying to achieve and the platforms you choose.

Once you finally understand this, there are plenty of challenges and obstacles waiting for you. As tiresome as it may sound, digital advertising is a non-stoppable growth channel for many companies. As soon as you figure out all the strategies, the better it is. The era of social media is surely a marketing style, free for all, reaching organic likes.

If your product or company comes under the SaaS companies, here are the top tips to avoid some of the most stupid SaaS advertising.

Assuming Only the Human Clicks

It is quite easy to look around your atmosphere and observe the exciting positive impression tech can simply make on your potential customers, however, do not forget how these same links are often used for fraud purposes, like click fraud, which is some evil advertising campaigns.

There is a data, which found that, the click fraud has now increased to over 25% and is still estimated to grow. It means that most of the metrics in your campaign may not signify the true reach and impact might be lost. Moreover, the exploitation on resources and ad spend that fraud highlights, it can even ruin your metrics entirely and make your digital marketing tactics, as hard as possible.

Ensure that you protect your overall marketing budget, by being proactive and cautious about the click fraud. There are tools like ClickCease etc. that can act against and prevent such fraud clicks from Bing and Google Ads. Beware!

Writing off the Branded Keywords

Why rely upon only one keyword, which can rank you organically? Well, it does make sense and it is understandable, but it might also turn into that one factor that can hold you back.

Having search terms that uses your brand name, often leads to high-intended readiness to close – make sure you have a desirable audience in front of you. Do not rely upon just the organic listing alone. If you combine, paid listings and organic reach in can result in more clicks overall, driving more appropriate and faster results than from SEO alone. It also improves the AdWords quality and overall score. The more brand directs a given search result, the more commonly you can get those organic clicks, one-way or the way.

To easily manage multiple campaigns, there are few management tools like WordStream that comes handy, especially in checking which ones are entirely worth your budget. You can easily use it to place ads, no matter what your campaign structures, to check the original value of the services you are delivering.

Not building nurture funnels

Okay, so if you have not yet observed this theme with top mistakes, it indicates that marketers are surely not thinking for long-term purposes. The nature of SaaS does not really allow for shorter sales cycle, you still cannot turn tons of customers in just one touch alone.

Instead, you can build out ad funnels to nurture the prospects over time. By using sequences of CTAs and connected content, you may enhance your marketing campaign at each stage of the buyer’s funnel time-to-time, taking one-step at a time.

For instance, you can capture cold content audiences on Facebook, and then use the offers to simply retarget and place them for further considerations. That too, before showing the reviews and case studies of happy customers.

Ads guide and helps the users through every stage, rather than just leading them to the sales funnel, waiting for them to just, fall out. In addition, people who uses call to actions in every ad are more likely to make a bigger impact.

Ignoring the Current Customers

Why should you pay money to advertise your products among the existing users? The focus of SaaS is in customer retention. Gaining customers is not a onetime thing, it is a continuous struggle to keep them, and it is the most essential priority to spent advertising expense on.

There are plenty of ways, which you can fit into your customer retention strategy, from onboarding communication to content, from marketing new products to creating announcements, to sharing new tools to new case studies. The aim here is keep always associated to your brand and maintain long-term relationships, else your customers can easily shift to the substitute competitor.

Underestimating the Brand Awareness

In some competitive SaaS landscapes, there is measurable growth in sale conversions often comes up brand awareness, which is best for attribution point of view. However, in this world full of competition, we are leaving brand awareness behind.

Any customer will obviously not choose or buy the services you offer, right after they have heard of it. Although, advertising can surely pull out the trigger, plant the seed and build brand awareness. This factor is known as “familiarity bias”. Because we are more likely to use brands that we recognize instead of those, which we do not.

You can use several brand awareness campaigns to build strong relationships with people to let them do about your product. Although people remain loyal to the software they use, so you will need some long-term strategy to convert that relationship and simply win them over.

Take your time with producing something innovative and giving them some unique content, around the topics you are covering. However, these people might still be lost in funnel and may take long for them to respond to pitching messages, especially when they are happy with using your competitor’s products. It might also be true that they are using that particular brand because of the fear of switching and their emotional attachment to that product, you still have to win them over before making the final pitch.

Many things are changing in the online marketing strategies; these are the top mistakes you MUST Avoid.

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