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Audience Language Should Show Your Website Information

You should ask yourself with every stage of preparing your website experience— “Who’s the target that’s targeted at?”From navigation, content, design, and conversion, how your target audience interacts with your website and your online experience is an integral part of your success.

When you’re in the process of building or redesigning a new website and it’s time to think about the navigation and information architecture of your site, keep your audience at the top of your mind with language, literacy, and understanding.

Audience and Industry Knowledge:

You may have a wide gap between what the audience knows and what you understand as an industry expert, depending on the industry you represent. Because of this, leaning towards the audience is best, who will probably rely on keywords that make sense to find you or your brand.

Many other industries— like banking, insurance, home or car repair, medical devices, and more — may find it difficult to move from jargon to a more user-friendly language, but it is good practice that translates to discovering your brand and doing business with you by your potential consumers. Web Design Dubai has some helpful tips to eliminate jargon and create content for targeted audiences.

How to reveal audience keywords?

Start with keyword research as you build a new data infrastructure to draw more users and customers to your product. You will be able to build an information architecture and website experience that connects with someone on the other side of the screen by reviewing common keywords in your industry.

  • Brainstorm all possible terms and conditions for your business, and in particular the products and services that you sell. 
  • Compare these keywords with your rivals and across keyword resources like Google Keyword Planner.
  • See if there are more common terms you didn’t think about and compare their traffic figures with those you find
  • Adjust keywords, add or remove to a hundred keyword terms which better describe what you’re doing and what you’re selling if appropriate. 
  • Check search engines like Google and Bing to find out what other common search queries or keywords people are relying on to locate companies like yours.

Through combining your inside experience with real user search queries, you will gain a better understanding of how users are looking for your services or products. Also, read Make your website easier to find for your customers.

Avoid Audience based Navigation:

With all this talk about focusing on your audience, it can be easy to assume that the way to solve the problem is through audience-based navigation. This is an assumption that is common, though incorrect.

Audience-based navigation lumps together all activities or architectural data objects based on the user’s self-identified “persona.”

In group-based navigation, these questions are popular. Not only is it hard for you to decide what to call these so-called “persons,” but it is equally difficult for them to choose the right audience to which they should “belong.” Website Design Riyadh found out these reasons which damage your relationship with the people:

  • It’s difficult to know what people can call. Your brand may find “buyers” or “office staff” internally, but people on the other side of the screen may not class themselves that way.
  • You can send users away from the information they need. As an audience struggling to understand where they “fit” within an information architecture based on the audience, they can choose the wrong group altogether, leading them away from the information they most need.
  • This causes users to be nervous. The last thing you want to do is to give your audience an unpleasant experience. Forcing users to choose who to find the information they need can be overwhelming and lead to no action whatsoever.
  • Your audience will overlap many times. So it doesn’t always function to pick content by audience, particularly when content overlaps for different audiences.

Keep it Simple:

The long and short time it takes for your audience to create a data system and user experience is to follow the method of keeping everything simple.


By concentrating on the language and understanding of your customer— you will have customers that will not only trust your brand and services but will depend on you constantly in the future.

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