Basic Web Technologies to Learns

Basic Web Technologies to Learn (2018 Edition)

Becoming a web developer and a web designer is quite easy, well as they say it. Most people might be feeding you with that statement and we know it. Anyone can become a web developer, no? Well not everyone who is using that title is pretty good at it.
All of us have to take the first step from somewhere, and if you are just about to start with your web developing career, this article is what you need to read. This is also for all the seasoned web developers who were not able to keep up with the latest skill sets and want to discover what is working and new these days.


This is one of the most basic skill set and the knowledge every web developer must know and needs to know. At least you need to be an expert in HTML5.
HTML is known as the “language of the web”, it is the common web on what all sites are built in, even the ones that aren’t built on it. What does that mean? It means that the other sites that are built in languages like PHP and JavaScript in the end are transferred to HTML, because this is the only language that the browser understand. So basically, if there is no HTML, there is no web page.


HTML is like the frame of every building or you can call it the blueprint, CSS is like the cladding after it. The CSS usually defines how the elements in the pages will look like, and to some extent, it also decides how the website will function and what features will it involve.
Learning CSS feature was once just an option, but now, it isn’t anymore. However, you can still make a good website without using a single word of CSS, but you will look a complete amateur to anyone who views the source code inspection of that particular web page.


There will be many people who would tell you that you can be a web developer without really learning JavaScript. Please beware, all these people are wrong.
JavaScript is one of the most powerful language that allows you to include the client, side by side with interactivity in your web pages. Not only every website needs JavaScript, but even every web developer does.


From all the way of learning JavaScript, learning PHP is one big step. But always remember, it is a much easier language to learn, even smaller to learn and remember. PHP handles every kind of interactivity and other important tasks on the side of server.
There is another language known as the ASP that fills some same similar tone for it. However, the difference in it is only that a minority of websites such as ASP, that is still in millions, so it is much less important to learn about ASP than to learn about PHP.
Some of the other side languages that could be extremely interesting to learn are not considered essential to learn includes: Ruby, PERL, Java, ColdFusion, Python, and C++ etc.
There are also some mysterious languages like Lua and Haskell, but it is unlikely that you will be asked to write something in this language and if you have seen them before, you probably do not want to use them. The only exception is Go, a programming language developed by Google as an alternative to C ++. They could not be removed before, but in fact it is a good trick to do things that you use differently for C ++.
Learning each of these alternative languages makes it a nice programmer, while learning your PHP is a useful programmer.


After learning the basic principles of JavaScript and CSS, you are ready to study DOM continuously, so that you can fully utilize what you have learned so far. If you do not learn to learn DOM control, you cannot reach the top in front-end development. This means that you are suffering for the creation of incredible business sites in WordPress instead of solving interesting projects that put your creativity to the test.


Once you have completed the JavaScript and at least one server language, you will be ready for AJAX. The best way to think about AJAX is probably to provide a bridge between the client and the server-side processors. Some of the things you want to do need to load the entire page if you manage them completely from the server. Using AJAX, you can respond to the server to update the page without reloading.

Search Engine Optimization

It is important that you have at least a basic knowledge of SEO, even if you only make sure that you do not destroy any of the rules, or if you can beat the rules, you can advise the clients. As a developer, you are rarely responsible for the content of the site and are often not responsible for designing it. This will not give you a free practice to ignore SEO, because if the client slips and somehow blames him, it will be.

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