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Best Handpicked Women Safety Apps 2019

Security apps for women! At this juncture of time, women can get hold of a life-saving piece of technology. These apps can provide an invisible guard and can be the best and safest tool available in society to protect against the crooked minds. But are they perfect in terms of the functionality we want? Does this app deliver as it is meant to be a trouble-free user experience?

The ultimate option available is proper QA. App Development Company Riyadh tries its best to overcome all the issues.


Before diving into QA let’s look at the major players in this field and what all the problems they face are hampering their ratings and reviews.


1)     Women Safety:

Yes, good device! Our apps are quite common and you’re expecting the app from a security company.


  • Just one tap! A mail will be sent to a pre-configured email ID along with the person’s current location. 
  • The app can also capture audio and video. Excellent apps can be used quite easily indeed! 
  • Yet, sadly, there are big bug problems in the software, Ads continues to pop up, which is annoying most users. 
  • Sometimes it will require more than a message to make sure the message is received by the person on the other end. 
  • They used to have options for text messages, but it seems to have made users a bit furious by suspending that feature.


  • Citizen Cop:

Citizen Cop’s most impressive aspect is that it can also be used as a tool to report a crime that happens near you. The software can be used as a tool, as the company says, not only to be secure but also to be a perfect weapon to fight crime. 


  • Anonymous reporting crimes 
  • Can be used to make emergency phone calls or Geo-Fencing messages 
  • Track your car 
  • Latest news and traffic alert 
  • Calculate the taxi prices etc.


  • Family Locator:

App meant for members of the family to be able to track each other in any situation. All the apps in the circle will be synchronized. Meanwhile, messages can be sent as an extra measure of security.


  • Map showing the location of the people in the circle.
  • People connected in the circle will be informed. 
  • If a participant arrives at a designated place. 
  • Step Private and group chat counting.


  • EyeWatch SOS:

Harassment has now become a hazard in public places. You need to get hold of software and use it effectively to prevent this. For Women’s Eyewatch SOS, it will be easily possible.


  • Data about the location information of the person who downloaded the app will be sent to the designated person. 
  • GPS and network location tracking.
  • Audio and visual images are recorded and sent to emergency contacts once the SOS button is pressed.
  • If the phone is out of network coverage, the device will find the nearest network and send an SOS email.


  • My SafetyPin:

My SafetyPin will allow you to switch to safe zones based on different factors. A one-of-a-kind idea conceived to an app that can help women fly without fear.


  • It has a security rating that will let you know what place is safe to travel. 
  • You can use the app to add the best place in a town to reveal the nearest public transport.


  • Bsafe:

Out there is one of the most versatile apps! Has everything a user looks for in a security app.


  • SOS signals can be sent to the numbers listed in the App. 
  • Users can track and follow you in a map format that is accessible to you.
  • Will allow you to make fake phone calls to your mobile.
  • Automatic video and audio recording.


Why testing is important today?

  • Usability testing: will check the user experience of the compatibility.
  • Testing app: testing the app against different platforms.
  • Functional testing: can be used to validate the functionality of the interface 
  • Performance testing: will give you an idea of how the system operates against different load conditions.
  • Operational testing: the app’s contingency plans will be reviewed. 
  • Security testing: the app’s weakness will be verified.

All of these applications have promising features and deliver the best. Mobile App Development Company Dubai makes sure it’s female clients and customers feel safe and secure. 


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