Best Link-Building Hacks in 2020

These updates make determining what the search engine giant is looking for in your business website difficult for marketers or businesses.

The skyscraper strategy is looking for the best performing content in your niche industry to hit influencers as well as websites to sell your content, according to SEO Dubai.


If your business comes up with a quality product/service that people relate to, and the rankings of your page in the SERPs will boost and drive higher traffic throughout these months. Google then warns businesses about spammy link building techniques that would severely punish websites. If you have a business website, make sure you abide by the rules and regulations governing the establishment of links by Google. You should stay away from buying links from other sites or request for links to your business website from irrelevant websites.

These guidelines have helped Web Design Dubai create relevant websites that will dodge Google’s penalties after major algorithm updates such as Panda and Penguin from the search engine. 

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Today, to beat your competitors in the days ahead, you need to adhere to advanced link building strategies. Here are some of the best hacks to take into account:

1)     Unlinked brand mention:

It signifies brand awareness when prospective customers or, for that matter, someone talks about your product in their blog post or similar places on the internet. What happens to your company is a good thing. These can be considered as ideal link building strategies or methods to help increase your domain count over the years.

Regrettably, monitoring all of the online destinations or places where users talked about your brand or talk about it is not easy. You can provide real-time updates with these apps at any time a client talks online about your brand name. Through the links integrated into those alerts, you would get these alerts.

  • Publish quality guest posts: If you want to see your search results rank on your business website, you have to take responsibility.
  • To boost your brand awareness in your niche industry, start posting guests on authority and relevant sites. 
  • Make sure you write about an exceptional theme or topic and enjoy your targeted users. 
  • The content needs to sound reliable, meaning you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the topic you’re writing about.
  • It will help to attract visitors to your business website online.

Your content on the guest blog must appear as if it was written by an expert on the subject. For example, you can research the best practices of SEO and how quality posts can be churned out. You have to add a unique idea, nothing is that, and people know about it already. The material has to be excellent. That’s because most blogs and publishers accept guest posts with incredible fastidiousness. 

Be sure to read the posting and writing guidelines of the platform very carefully while pitching for a quality post. You need a hang of that authority website’s tone and voice. Focus on the topics you’d like to pick and publish. 

High-quality, linked, enlightening and actionable material should be written for the audience. Your post to your guest should add value to your readers. Make sure you stick to the strategy of the publisher before you start posting guests. SEO Services in Dubai will help you gain connections of value.

3)     Broken Link Building:

The web pages on the competitor websites are often removed from one time to the next and for numerous reasons. Many times, when a particular business shuts down, an entire business website becomes offline. While these things happen, links to web pages or sites that have been deleted are considered damaged.

4)     Consider competitors backlinks:

When you see the top ranking of your competitors in the SERPs, don’t worry. Try to understand why, not you, they exist. There’s nothing wrong with it or envy about it. Alternatively, start understanding your competitor backlinks. It will help you look at high-domain backlinks to your business website and choose your way to duplicate the same. Now, your time and effort are needed for this stuff.


Now that you have these top hacks to boost your successful backlink plan, make your presence online known in 2020 and beyond.

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