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Best Possible Ways to Upgrade Your Landing Page

Your email promotions are invitations to visit your home and do something online–buy, sign up, read. And if your website is your online den, it makes sense that the front door is your landing page. You make sure it’s tidy, spiffy, and light, and there’s a lot of curb appeal on your web. It’s why there are so many companies that put their best assets.


It should be a crucial part of your web strategy to think about all of your pages and what kind of content they have. You will see increased traffic and decreased bounce by making easy, consistent updates as you deliver a better experience for your guests. Web Design Kuwait will help you figure out the best possible ways to upgrade your landing page.

· Do know where your customers come from:

Even in this smartphone era, this doesn’t mean that the desktop is dead or that the web designers need to delete the stunning wall-to-wall pictures that earn them design awards. This means that you need to learn where the users come from and welcome them. Use your analytics tools to gain a clear understanding of your users ‘ percentage from mobile versus desktop platforms. Then make sure the creative or project brief includes that.

· Speed is everything:

Whether you use your desktop or mobile to access your page, load times are crucial. Slow load times have an effect on Google Ad Rank from bounce rates to organic and paid search results. Slow load times are a great way to keep new users in droves away.

You just load a URL with PageSpeed Insights. Google analyzes the file and gives you a quick overview of both the desktop and mobile load speed of that page. 

Lighthouse requires you to use Chrome’s developer tools, but it gives you information on how your mobile site is running.

· Better content beat down bounce rates:

Rates of bounce are a fact of life. Visitors who are easily distracted make split-second decisions on their landing pages. What are they going to see? Does the email, social message, or digital ad that took them there suit or align? Is it quick loading? Each of these micro-factors feeds into a decision that is almost subconscious to stay or go.

Web Design Dubai will direct your creators to provide you with vivid, engaging content to work with. Your developers will try every opportunity to make the app work as efficiently as possible.

· Nailing the visuals:

A thousand words, you know? On your landing pages, however, nailing the visuals is even more critical than on your homepage. Consistent, accurate images and graphics create a smooth transition from the perfect email to the perfect transaction landing page. Removing surprises helps speed up the email recipient or user through the funnel and the Buy button.

Do not forget to resize, format and sign your pictures properly. Image quality is one of the seemingly countless variables search engines evaluate while browsing your web.

· A clear call-to-action:

Landing pages are often places that are loud and chaotic. A pop-up is begging for an email address. A survey requires a vote and an opinion to be expressed. Like and share with others. Play a match. Digital advertisements cloud your message, probably unrelated to what you’re serving. Your goal might be to optimize a visitor’s interaction. But they’re probably scared off by the outcome.

Clean, seamless architecture promotes peace of mind and vision. It puts the mood of your users to act. A single call-to-action with a clear advantage asks the users what to do and why to do it.

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· Test and iterate:

Finally, take some time to check. While internal delays, constant updates, and last-minute changes are an unavoidable part of building up your landing pages, set time to test them before they go live.

Ready to upgrade?

Although your homepage may be based on design, your landing pages should be your site’s workhorses–telling stories about your products, engaging your audience, and converting a click into a conversion. It can result in a more enjoyable experience for your customers and a dramatically better-performing platform for you to pay attention to what is going on under the hood.

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