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Best Things for Your Website in The World

If you see it, you know a good website. But what exactly makes it so darn good? Here are six things that the world’s best websites do and what Dubai Web Design will make your website look like in a few days.


1. Unify the experience:

Web design must be part of the overall marketing plan to create a strong brand experience visually.

Through unifying design practices across all contact points, web design is part of a seamless and distinctive user experience for its consumers whether they are online, buying a product or visiting a brick-and-mortar venue.

2. Emphasize content:

The goal of modern web design is to promote and emphasize the content. Websites such as Facebook and Pinterest are designed around user content and their simple, clean and non-intrusive systems have emerged as better performance of design than their clunky alternatives.

Compatibility with the browser has made things interesting for web designers with new developments such as CSS3 and HTML5.

The best websites in the world use one of two methods to take account of browser compatibility:

Progressive enhancement–all users obtain a simple version of the website and add advanced features to the user experience if they have a modern/powerful browser.

Graceful deterioration–the website will be designed to state-of-the-art specifications but will provide users with old browsers and computer systems with a’ degraded’ basic version.

The distinction between these two definitions might not be evident at first. Nonetheless, the approach chosen dramatically influences the difference in the design and development workflow.

In many cases, obsolete browsers are typically not considered when selecting graceful deterioration until the project is practically complete.

On the other hand, progressive enhancement starts with the web experience’s most basic part — content. To enrich the experience for those who can appreciate it, layers such as CSS and JavaScript are added from here.

3. Deliver custom user experience:

The era of the one-size-fits-all solution has ended for a long time.

From simple things like custom account settings that allow users to set favorite pages, adjust color schemes and monitor their details to complex systems that maintain individual preferences and dynamically change in response to different customers, great design is about giving each user exactly what they want.

The world’s best websites know how to combine usability with customization. We are not developing sophisticated, technology-heavy solutions that can only be used by a subset of the users.

4. Flexible:

Innumerable screen apps, browsers, and operating systems can no longer be produced in rigid and static dimensions, as well as web and app design.

Web Design Oman success is now judged on how well it will be received on by its target customers and adjust to the apps. Innovations such as CSS 3, HTML 5, and Java, etc. allow us to create web interfaces relating to the technologies and framework used by the end-user.

5. Streamline processes:

They name this ‘usability’ in terms of web design.

The best websites consider the many different paths that customers can take to attain their website goals. Users have a better experience by reducing friction along these pathways and consequently upgrading more frequently.

With this website, this is only one of the use cases. This is only one of many “paths” a visitor might follow to solve a problem.

The world’s best websites predict what users need and have a friction-free experience.

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6. Integrate Social:

Across our digital present and future, the value of social media is undeniable.

Websites and content must be designed in a way that makes them digitally fit for social consumption to become truly social.

The spanking new portal of Pepsi is designed around its consumers ‘ social media updates. The homepage of Pepsi lives at the crossroads of beautiful design and social networking.

But that’s not enough: if you want a website that represents you or your organization, you also need a website that distinguishes you from the crowd. In contrast to a social media page, a real website gives you full control over design and content.

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