Best Trends and Practices of Email Marketing in 2019!

For marketers, the last year was a landmark year. We saw the implementation of the GDPR, an enormous tech leap to assist us to automate marketing more efficiently, and improvements in the AI industry that made it much easier to analyze information. There is one significant reason why we chose to limit our focus on best practices and trends in email marketing. That’s why Social Media Marketing Company in Dubai is trying to incorporate strategies that would take your business beyond success limits-fame.


Email Marketing Trends:


1)     Marketing Automation:

Using a CRM scheme these days is a no-brainer. It allows you to interact obviously with your employees, maintain tabs on client activity, and also makes it easier to define best practices in email marketing. You just describe what your trigger points are going to be, and from there you work your way.

Email marketing automation, as you’re about to see, implies leads are nurtured throughout the product cycle. Prospects will obtain timely data relevant to their purchase cycle phase. Web Design Dubai will help you furnish your wishes.


2)     Omnichannel Marketing:

Where things are going to shift this year is that marketers are going to start adopting an omnichannel marketing approach in a way we haven’t seen before. If you have downgraded the automation, it will be exciting and not that hard to enforce this approach. 

For instance, If someone clicks on the email link, this could be regarded as a point of trigger. The system might be able to monitor her next step. Has she bought it? And if not, what was she doing on the website? She placed the item in the cart and then dropped it off? 

All these circumstances may be a good time to send a text message or share a piece of content on social media with the client. Best practices for email marketing include monitoring your opportunities at a later point. By selecting a distinct channel to use, take the contact point up a notch. 


3)     Segmentation:

You need to make sure you can carefully evaluate your email marketing metrics and provide the correct information in the purchasing circle for the prospect at the correct moment. It’s an incredibly helpful instrument, but like any other fresh instrument, before you just dive straight in, you need to know how it works. 

Mobile App Development Dubai before attempting out the more exciting sophisticated characteristics, master the basics of the program you are using.


4)     Hyper-Relevance:

We understand that individuals want messages relevant to their requirements to be received. In 2019, this will become essential. Ensuring your message is hyper-relevant means speaking at a specific stage in time to the requirements of a particular prospect. The trip begins by closely segmenting your subscriber list so that each individual on the list gets data they wish to obtain. At its simplest, it’s email marketing best practices–offer the customer what they want. Digital Marketing Dubai provides the right information at the right time.


5)     Trust-Building:

We all understand marketing is not necessarily as precise as it should be, so we are no longer inclined to bring stuff to face value. This makes it difficult for those legitimate companies that are frank about what their offers are because it means they have to be trustworthy. As best practices in email marketing go, it will be vital to building confidence in the future. How? You need to be compatible with your offer, completely transparent, and demonstrate to your client that you have her best interests at the core. SEO Services Dubai makes you trust-worthy and spam-free.


Making Most of the Trends:

With all the email marketing stats and other information you have, it shouldn’t be that difficult to create a more personalized offer. And if you don’t want to put the time in, are you sure that your competitors won’t be willing either? Make most of these trends with Web Design in Jeddah.



To summarize, it’s more about moving your focus and focusing on what your customers want and need instead of what your business needs. It implies doing more to demonstrate to your customers that they are valued, without any ulterior motive that is immediately evident.


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