Boost Up Your Brand Identity Collateral with these Top Designing Tips

Boost Up Your Brand Identity Collateral with these Top Designing Tips

“Design is the silent brand ambassador for your brand” – Paul Rand

The question here is, how does your brand reflect amazing non-tangible ideas and how do you gather customer interest in your direction? No matter in whichever way you ask this question, there is only one simple answer to it, through your visual brand identity design. The secret to your market pledge is any media or visual to showcase your brand products and services in a manner that it grabs attention. There are many print design methods you may also use, including business cards, brochures, letterheads, file covers, storefront window and much more!

If you closely survey brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Samsung, Nike, Apple or any other renowned giant, the element you will find the most is the consistency in their brand identity. No matter what, the truth is that the secret to brand success is simply how well and effectively you engage with your customers and what have you got to offer them. Brand identity is simply the summary of your brand story and can easily showcase who you are and what you do. Brand identity portrays your business in a professional manner; however, if you fail in it, your brand might face bad consequences and missed opportunities. The secret is that each marketing campaign must have consistency in it and feel good to grab the attention of the customers.

Here are few tips to create a long lasting impression of your brand identity in the minds of customers.

Try the Geometric Graphics

It is high time that you boost up your brand identity game with by some renowned graphic which can be easily turned into a sophisticated design or a pattern. Geometric graphics and vectors are a unique way to boost the style element of your brand. From letterhead to brochure, to file cover to even a business card, anything. It can create visual identity for your brand while creating the x factor. No doubt, geometric patterns are simple, sophisticated, easier to design and extremely versatile. Once you finally merge the geometric patterns for your brand, you can easily repeatedly use it for your brand color, graphics, patterns and multiple print materials. You can repetitively use certain angles and triangles to build a logo in a playful color style with multiple pallets for each of your branding medium. Geometric shapes are an amazing and sensible way to create unique brand designs and a backdrop.

Try the Monochrome Pattern

If you design your promotional brand design in a monochromatic manner, it also turns captivating with multiple splashes of colors. However, always keep in mind that not all patterns do not have to be in a single color, you can also choose monochrome palettes of multiple colors. If you want to have a simple yet sophisticated look, you can go for monochrome pattern. A dark palette is also a good idea for your brand visuals including colors like blue, black and grey. However, do not make it too dark; try to complement a dark monochrome shade with a lighter ink to ensure that your content is easily understandable and readable.

Always Keep the Design Simple

One of the most interesting secret behind every great design is simplicity. Every marketing element is usually designed to convey your brand story and promote the services and products that you offer. Thus, it is important to focus upon your design on brochures, file covers, letterheads etc. that the customers feels great in handling them. And the only solution for this rescue is the simplicity of your design.  With the help of simplicity, you can always get a strong and spectacular look. If you focus your design on one color or simply one logo, you may accomplish the simplicity goal.

Use the Watermarks

If you are concerned that adding lines or borders will make your brand visual look more jumbled up, leaving less space for writing, adding watermarks is an amazing alternative to incorporate designs and graphics, without sacrificing not even a bit of space.

For example, you can add the logo or your brand design but the watermark will fade the shade of it and blend it with the background and you can easily add your content upon it. Try to make it too light or too dark, as it will lose its purpose.

Maximize your Logo

Brand recognition is all about how many people view your logo. However, this factor can be risky as well as if your logo is not pleasing; it might create the negative opposite effects. Always try to strike it fine, by balancing the logo on different marketing materials, ensure that you use the same logo on all marketing medium.

Same design on different marketing materials will always give a new look.

Add Borders to make it Unique

You can always try some different techniques to grab your audience’s attention while not distracting them from the original purpose and message. You can add a border or cover lines to help the audience focus on the content you are trying to convey while also reflecting an ever-lasting impression. Border is just to tie a design with a neat bow for finishing.

Conclusion for Day

In order to create something unique, you have to be unique. From these wide array of ideas, you can simply use any of these to incorporate some classy yet standing out brand designs and make your brand game strong.  Investing money, time and energy for the incorporation of your brand design is always worth it because negligence towards it might cause some bad consequences for your brand image, giving the opposite results. It is high time that you stand out from your competitors. You can either choose it from any of the above mentioned designs or hire a specialized agency to create one compelling and captivating design.


If you are looking for some pro ideas and designs for brand identity? Here it is, scroll through the blog to make your brand design game strong!

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