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Build an SEO-Friendly Mobile Website

Responsive design has been a popular thing in the web industry for more than two years and continues to be one of the most important things in a successful digital strategy. The main idea behind it is to allow a neat view of the website, without any concern about the device from which the visitor comes.

Of course, the main reason that responsive design has become so popular among designers is that users are more likely to depend on their smartphones and tablets to look at websites on the Internet.


Namely, as announced by Google and many other companies, worldwide mobile searches are expected to top those coming from desktop raised for the first time this year. This means that websites that are not custom-designed to the needs of mobile users are likely to lose a big portion of their traffic. Therefore, to ensure that your visitors keep coming back, SEO Dubai thinks about putting into use the right mobile success plan.

The important thing, though, is to build a mobile website in such a way as to please both Googebots and clients, which is where responsive design comes in.

Google recommends responsive:

Google recognizes three mobile-friendly website building methods: responsive design, energetic service, and separate URLs. The suggested design is sensitive out of these three, as it shows the same HTML code across multiple screen sizes, changing the layout to match each. Although the other two ways of doing things may serve the purpose, SEO-related solutions may not be as effective.

No content forking:

While energetic service could be another way for your visitors to create a custom mobile experience, it means that many sets of the same content would be hosted on a single URL.

A not working correctly device detection, which can result in a messy display, maybe another problem here. 

Google written statements along with this that the website should energetically serve HTML User-agent.

No separate URLs:

While many people choose to create different websites for mobile and desktop basic technologies that run on a computer, Google bots may again find this a negative signal.

Like energetic service, a separate mobile site may result in the forking of content and not working correctly redirects. 

Probably the biggest problem here, though, is that sites essentially mean multiple URLs and so of redirects.

Redirects have always been an inefficient way to do things in the SEO world because they often translate into longer load times on the page. Also, read Build a secure mobile wallet app in 2020!

When is a site mobile friendly?

A page is mobile-friendly when it: 

  • Loads correctly on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet
  • Loads very fast.
  • It offers readable content, without users having to pinch and zoom in.
  • It provides enough space for touch access.
  • It provides added value to mobile users.
  • It is immediately understandable for search engines.

How to make your mobile website SEO friendly?

· Responsive design:

The most critical of these is responsive development and supports this innovation. Your page operates on one URL with a responsive layout, making it easier for it to recognize and index it.

· Improve images:

If you have a quick win to boost the pace of your web, this is: improve your pictures. Don’t load your page with these 3000 x 2000 pixel HD images. Scale them to the right size and growing them.

· Improve legibility:

Make sure your mobile site on mobile devices is easily readable. Using different devices to test if the typography is in order and make adjustments when appropriate. Typography can make or break your site’s user experience.

Mobile is the future, but now it’s a reality. Do all you can to repair your mobile site and make it fine, not only in the eyes of Google but, most importantly, in the eyes of your visitor. Mobile App Development Dubai isn’t just about great content and a perfect technical presentation, it’s more about creating a die-for user experience. You’re on your way to the top once you’ve done that!


Responsive development serves as a solution for modern companies to meet as many customers as possible and is probably the most effective way to build a mobile-friendly website. Unlike other approaches, it may take longer to build responsive design

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