Instagram Marketing Mistakes

Caution All Social Media Managers! Avoid these Top Instagram Marketing Mistakes

In the world of digital and social media, Instagram is surely becoming one of the most popular platform with over 700 billion users and undoubtedly, it is now a part of every social media campaign. Brands must always make sure that they have targeted the right potential market, in order to avoid any disputes or blunders.

If you already admire the idea of hashtags, filters, captions and followers and look out for more incredible ways to enhance your brand image. We have combined some top common mistakes related to Instagram marketing, which your social media manager must avoid to be ahead of game.

Do not Purchase the Followers

As Instagram is one of the leading social media platform, many brands look out for ways to build a strong online Instagram presence, in order to be recognized. For this purpose, they end up purchasing followers to stay ahead of game, but it would not do any favors in the end.

Well, no matter if you create a fake account or buy Instagram followers, you get the following outcome.

Less or no Engagement at all

By purchasing followers and creating fake accounts, you may have gained plenty of followers but the chances are, the posted content will not get any comments, likes as well as shares. Is that what you want?

An Unstable Audience

The followers you will purchase will not exactly be your target audience but mostly teenagers, who must not hold that much interest in your brand or the bots who entirely share irrelevant content. Before taking this step, ask yourself multiple times, is this the kind of engagement you look for your brand? No.

Instead of buying unstable audience, focus more upon creating an interactive approach for more organic engagement, creating valuable content, sharing engaging stuff, creating polls etc.

Ignoring the Statistics

So, let us assume you have completed the following basic steps. You created an account, you gained organic followers, and you post quality and interesting content. In order to attain maximum benefit from Instagram, you must pay attention to numbers and statistics that most social media marketers overlook.

With the help of trial and error, you can easily keep a check on the posting schedule, trending hashtags, content categories, post captions, higher engagement and much more!

Here are some basic Instagram statistics, you must check on daily basis.

  • Followers’ growth and loss in a day.
  • Usage of Hashtags.
  • Engagement rate through comments and likes.
  • Frequency level of postings.
  • of times brand mentioned.
  • Click through rates from URL in bio description.
  • Audience Demographics.
  • Prime time of posting.
  • Sales through Instagram.

The best and the most convenient way of checking this is to use the feature of “Instagram Insights”, which helps you recognize who your followers are and when are they actively present. Through this feature, you can even check performance of any specific content and check how people reacted.

This proves that statistics are numbers are not only to check the Instagram success; they also provide you with a clear hint of your progress and suggest different strategies.

Not Producing Catchy Captions

If you really want to encourage more engagements and enhance the conversion rates for your brand, the one thing you must stop doing is, not producing catchy captions for your pictures. Producing creative Instagram captions not only enhances your content and gives a clear idea about it, but also generate more followers towards your brand, emotionally.

There is a study, which shows that creating emotional content can help you with conversion rates and enhances the chances of messages shared. We have combined some top ways to write a catchy Instagram caption:

  • Using essential words in the beginning.
  • Adding humor, fun content and emoji’s
  • Giving some food for thought.

Promote Branded Stuff

If you are promoting your brand in every single post of yours, trust me, it is the best way to distract your followers, irony. If all that you ever post on Instagram is, your brand products, brand logos, information about your brand, emphasizing so much of your brand, will end up making your followers lose their interest in your brand.

Think something differently; come up with a different marketing approach. Convey the message behind your brand indirectly.

For instance, if you own a clothing brand, you do not have to post pictures of clothing all the times. You can add some fashion quotes, tips, outfit of the day etc.

Not Using the Hashtags Properly

There is a study, which shows that 91% of Instagram posts holds around one to maximum seven Hashtags. It shows us clearly that Hashtags are one of the most important aspect and a convincing tool. However, some of the digital marketing experts are misusing this tool.

There are multiple ways of misusing the Hashtags, such as underuse of Hashtags, overuse of Hashtags, using Irrelevant Hashtags etc. The basic purpose of Hashtag is to allow people to find and discover you easily, if you spam the post with irrelevant and a junk of Hashtags, you will end up devaluing your brand credibility.

In addition, at the same time, if you are posting interesting, interactive and quality content but not using enough Hashtags, you are missing out some huge opportunity of being recognized and discover more engagement.

Posting Raw Content

Editing and making your content better enhances your chance of getting more engagement by 45%. If you ignore this important marketing strategy, you are missing plenty of opportunities.

There are multiple editing apps available, which can help you post incredible pictures on your social media account. You can simply enhance the quality of your photos, by using some effective Instagram editing apps and take your marketing game to the next level.

These were some of the top Instagram Marketing mistakes, every social media manager MUST AVOID.

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