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Check These Signs That Your Site Design Is Bad for Business

There is something critical for modern companies than personality: not just whether architecture helps to accomplish goals and objectives (such as making money). If it isn’t, it’s just not a fantastic concept. There’s no other way of saying that.

No customized homepages

Custom subpages are the new benchmark for online company websites right now. The moments when it was pleasant enough to get a bunch of standard features and widgets on the dashboard with just one underlying “brief message” are long since gone.

Through designing a page that is entirely specially made-built, we keep our concentrate on the main objective. We don’t have to consider some other side-goals that we may have for the company as a whole (like our social media accounts or creating leads). We may only rely on the exchange of our memories.

That’s the main rule when creating a custom webpage – choose one target that you want to accomplish, and concentrate on that.

No listing-building process

I still enjoy developing blogs with my colleagues in the early 2000s. Even then, we seemed to forget to sign up blocks to the newsletter. We just put a little button together and said, “Subscribe to our newsletter” somewhere within the footer. And our customers were delighted with this.

Currently, the value of communication is even more real. Technologies like Facebook and Twitter are continually changing their content formulas, making it even more difficult to feature in your viewer’s news feeds or channels.

Therefore, if your template does not display an email signup form in a prominent location, include it immediately. Solutions like GetResponse offer excellent extensions and insert codes that make this quick, so you don’t even have to struggle with finding out any software either.

So much emphasis on pixel quality

When you find oneself spending significantly more time helping this one small segment look fantastic rather than letting this element help you turn visitors to leads, you’re in danger.

Though, spending more time making this item perfect turned out to be utterly contrary-productive, as it does not offer any measurable benefits to the company behind all the webpage (be it yours or your customer’s).

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Attempting to tackle multiple objectives from a single website

It is very much a concern for larger projects, instead of for our pages. Clients are motivated to want to meet a load of different targets from their pages, ideally at the same moment.

Compelling clients to primarily focus on just one aspect can be a challenging task, but Website Design Jeddah still needs to do it. The trouble with this kind of dual-purpose page is that it creates confusion and does not make clear to the user what they should do instead.

We are not using the landing page.

There is no other form of a website that is better at doing this than the web application model.

We don’t have nearly any components apart from those that help in the main objective of the website.

Most web content doesn’t have hyperlinks, footers, or even labeled icons, and it’s not rare to see landing pages that don’t also connect the site logo to the webpage.

Not designed for mobile users

What that means is straightforward: if your design isn’t to display on a mobile phone, it’s high time to stop hiding under your rock and ultimately take care of it!

Mobile phone users seldom have the time to deal with your concept. Most of the time, they’re when out and about, and in a rush, so if your site doesn’t give them the answers they’re seeking .okay, they’re just moving elsewhere.

Bad web browser results

If we like it or not, keywords are still the best resource of online traffic, and SEO is probably an essential element of your client’s or your marketing plan.

And it is often the issue. For many developers, trying to take care of SEO is by no means associated with good design. SEO is difficult. It requires you to choose the opportunity to make sacrifices here and there. Yet it just has to be finished at the end of each day.


Among the most straightforward indications and the simplest to measure your layout, not being up to par is, in essence, when your ratings begin to decline. And Web Design Dubai is not thinking of a handful of single incidents. We are talking about a slow, lengthy-term decline.

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