choking your Websites traffic

Major Mistakes you are doing that are choking your Websites Traffic

Receiving more website traffic is one of the most essential elements of any online marketing strategy – for most of the brands, it is the most fundamental one. How could any business or organization ever begin to and expect to sell its products or services online without expecting some website traffic? It is not possible, but this is what the main goal is.

However, unlike every other thing, there are some positive and negative ways to achieve this goal. You can surely receive some plenty of website traffic through some legit ways, and you can opt for some short cuts (illegal) ways to win the race, as well of course. Being an online marketer or Search engine optimizer, it is your job to make the decision whether the methods you are opting for are morally acceptable to you and your company or not.

If we talk from marketing point of view, the traffic, which you will get from some illegal techniques will give you results, but all short-term results, i.e. hurt your brand reputation, decrease your brand identity or you will never get conversions. Therefore, all your brand needs to avoid these traffic generation mistakes to gain authentic, relevant and long-term resulting website traffic.

Not Giving Your Audience a Proper Reason to Follow You Back

Every band desires that a massive amount of people follows their brand, if you too desire that, you must give your audience a reason to do so. And the best possible way to give reason to your audience is to increase the credibility and enhance value of your social media posts. Without adding that value to your posts, you would not be able to gain desired followers. If you do not provide benefits and value to people, why do you expect other people to follow your brand and visit your site more than once? Think.

Trying to cover everything on Social Media

It is quite cool and interesting if you are utilizing the power of social media marketing, but that DOES NOT mean that you try to cover every social media platform and try to be active on it. By doing this, you are surely going to get yourself in trouble without receiving any benefits or the desired results.

A much better approach is to simply choose the platform that will benefit you the most and where your target audience spends most of their time, online. You can always enhance your approach later on after getting positive responses and widen the horizons. Try to be exceptionally active and cool on 2 to 3 channels in the start. Do not try to cover everything in the starting period, instead be smart and choose few networks at first.

Creating Content is just enough

There are some digital media marketers who think that creating content is just enough and all that is required. Although yes, there is no doubt that plays a significant role for your online presence, but by doing some keyword research, generating some backlinks and optimizing up your content are also few required steps that you must do for your website and see the magic of traffic enhancement.

Generating Unnatural Link Profiles

Most of the digital marketing agencies use this SEO strategy to buy unnatural links from some small companies to generate more traffic. This strategy might work for a shorter period, but at some point in your marketing era, it will backfire in the game of rankings. Google will either down your rankings or strike you out completely from the indexing.

The safest and the best way to do link building is to do naturally and manually, creating guest posts for bloggers, participating in communities and forums as well. Although, this strategy make take a longer time, but it does provides you with long-term results. Originally and manually growing your links cycle through some superior SEO techniques can effectively gather audience in relation to their backlinks.

Ignoring the Power of Content Distribution

Content distribution is one of most important part of any content marketing strategy. Creating some amazing content, posting them upon your social media pages, posting them on a blog and just wait for the massive traffic to come in your blog post would not really work. For better content marketing, you need to explore and discover new ways to make your content reach to the target audience.

Social media marketing plays quite a major role to get your content distributed properly and let your brand voice reach to millions of users each day. Email marketing and SEO plays an essential role in the content distribution as well.

Expecting the results way too soon

Expecting the content marketing to simply do some sort of magic for you and your business in a very short amount of time is simply the most common mistake many businesses and organizations often make. Just remember that, you will not get massive traffic by just posting one guest post, or a blog post. It takes time, a lot of time actually, to achieve the desired results and huge number of page views, shares, likes and comments. Content marketing is surely the most powerful strategy, which takes time but provides the long-term benefits. Trust me, there is no portion or magic formula for overnight success.

Key Takeaways

Have you made any of these mistakes? Are you guilty of making any of these mistakes? Did you get more traffic from illegal means? For how long did it last? Was there trouble? Well traffic generation and increased conversion rates are not as easy as it sounds, it takes a lot of efforts and hard work to get there. Bu no matter what , always stay true to yourself and to your business and do not opt for any illegal means as it will only will to bad reputation of your brand. Adweb Studio is helping businesses to turn their websites into lead generation machines by providing top SEO and social media marketing solutions.

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