Common SEO Myths and Tips to Avoid Them

Some people think that the optimization of search engines (SEO) is based on magical algorithms that are difficult to understand. They think the only way to succeed in SEO is either to hire an agency to do it for them or to use black-hat methods such as stuffing keywords, scraping or cloaking.


With this in mind, SEO Dubai has selected the top four SEO theories that tend to travel to marketers. Not only will we debunk these myths, but we will also provide practical tips to help you focus on the long-term cycle that optimizes your search content.


1. Content:

Myth: Only by posting long-form material on my website is the way to rank high on search engines.

Fact: While the length of your content contributes to your SEO ranking, several factors contribute to maintaining a consistently high search engine ranking. These may include backlinks, page speed, user experience, mobile-friendliness.


  • Resources to use: use Google Spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel, to begin with. And, if you’re on the side of the company, Searchmetrics, and Conductor.
  • Goal: The goal is to map all the keywords you’re trying to target with the content you already have. You can find that there are places where there is no keyword for a URL. The system will assist you in the identification of keywords for each page.
  • Monitoring metrics: Monitoring does not have a right or incorrect metric. In columns, you can track many different metrics, such as search volume to analyze engagement, page browsing rate, on-site time, or text anchor to analyze internal and external links to your page.


Keywords:Myth: Over-optimizing my keywords would lead to search engines penalizing my website and impacting my search engine ranking negatively.

Fact: Using multiple keywords that rank high in search engines regardless of whether or not they relate to your website, over-optimizing your keywords, also known as keyword stuffing, is the practice of trying to rank game search engines. The action would penalize and frown on the company. However, there are ways to adhere to the rules and use the right keywords to keep search engines at a high level.


  • Find the best keywords for your market and industry instead of focusing solely on the existing keywords. Make sure they are important to what your audience is looking for and to the intent of your business.
  • Prioritize content. This ensures that you put your audience and content first, instead of manipulating your content to fit keywords in top rankings.


  1. Collaborations:

Myth: We cannibalize my marketing efforts by working with other websites through authority ties, guest blogging, and social media mentions. Working together eliminates users to my page and does not improve my SEO.

Fact: Your top priority should be to educate and equip your audience with the best possible information. You may need to link to an authority site or invite a credible guest author to provide insight to provide the best information to your audience. The secondary advantages of linking or inviting a credible guest author are increasing search traffic, validating the mission of your business and attracting new like-minded people to your website.


  • Be sure not only to connect to stable, reliable websites but also to content that already supports your website’s content.
  • Purchase backlinks, of course. Through producing and publishing material that others want to connect with, you will naturally develop backlinks.
  • Make sure you are engaging with users and websites that you aspire to be like and relate to the mission of your business.


  1. Domain name:

Myth: The only way to occupy the highest position in search engines is a top-level domain. So, I can’t have a “.biz” or “.guru” high search ranking.

Fact: Yes, the domain names of.com are 90 percent of the search results. But it is important to note that keywords in the domain also have a significant impact on search engine rankings.


  • Make your domain consumable. 
  • Make your domain name relevant to your business.



With these tangible tips provided by SEO Services Dubai, you are now ready to ramp up and invest for the long haul in your SEO efforts. Note, the effectiveness of SEO requires engagement and consistency. Make sure, above all, that everything on your website provides value to your target audience.


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