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Massive Content Curation Blunders You Need to Avoid

Content Curation is surely an interesting way to captivate and attract audience with the power of your content. It adds credibility and weightage in your own blog, help you gain and catch more followers, boosts up your SEO score and rankings, drives increased conversion rates and might end up making you an influencer. If all the steps are performed correctly and efficiently, content curation can turn out to be the most effective tool of generating traffic, capturing audience and deliver captivating content like never before! It can gradually become the most powerful and impactful tool of your content marketing strategy, making you the pro in your industry. We have compiled the top 9 content curation blunders for you, which you surely need to avoid at any possible cost!

Not Focusing Upon Your About Page

It does not matter whether you are a casual blogger, influencer or affiliated with a business enterprise. The viewers and the readers who are visiting your site needs to know about you, your work, what do you etc. They will know this by visiting your about page for sure. In fact, about page is one of the most important webpage in order to connect with your customers and gain their trust. However, the page and the business is not all about you but make sure to introduce yourself, tell what you do, give a briefing of your own story and try to help your readers through it. Every reader who visits your blog might be facing some issues, challenges or concerns that they are looking the answers for, try to help your audience as much as possible.

Not Truly Knowing your Audience

Truly knowing your target audience is the major step of successful marketing campaign. Create the content just according to your audience. For example, if you are about to write about a specific topic, then you need to choose the type of audience you are targeting with your content. If you follow up this strategy, there are chances that your content will get multiple reads; plenty of shares and people will seriously understand and notice it. Always know your audience, write what they love, write what is trending, give them what they want, resolve their queries and trust us, you will ultimately get what you truly want.

Not Understanding the True Power of Social Media

No matter how much creativity you put into your content, creating and writing your content is not enough. The main game is promoting it. Social media platforms holds an extremely essential connection between your potential customers and content. The main purpose of creating and curating content is to make people read it, if your content is not reachable it is useless. The point is to get it out and promote it on multiple social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram etc. You can even incorporate catchy call to actions; this is an effective way to increase your shares across many social media platforms. The social media sharing status matters a lot, it is essential to understand your audience well to find out which social media platform is famous and best one to reach your customers.



Making Plenty of Typos

We get it, we are human beings and not a robot, and mistakes happen, errors occur. However, let us not make it a bad habit. Here is a bit of the fact, trust it or not, people usually judge your writing abilities and standards upon your spellings and grammar. If you are not a pro at grammar, you can simply install a proofread grammar software or hire a professional editor to go through and check your mistakes before you finally upload it. Content writing is surely not an easy task and almost every content creator makes grammatical mistakes. Avoid doing grammatical mistakes, typos and errors in your articles and blogs. In order to gain more respect and trust from your audience. Before uploading the content, proofread and edit it repeatedly, repeatedly until it looks perfect to you.

Not Adding Images or Visuals

It is extremely essential to understand the true potential of visually appearing content as it contains the ability to engage people and drive more traffic. We all commonly observe it, believe it or not, we all love images a lot. By adding plenty of images into your article, you can easily enhance the reading rate and conversion rate on your site, as people will take more interest in your writing and in what you have. So make sure that you add up strong visuals and catchy images.

Copying up Someone Else’s Style

It is always great to be influenced by and inspire yourself from idols and role models, but completely copying what they do and their style is surely a bad idea. It is great to adopt their success strategies and their approach of writing, but while adopting theirs, do not forget your own uniqueness. It is high time that you stop with the copycat game. People are always going to love you more if you do something different and be unique in your own style. Therefore, be yourself and do something extra ordinary with what you have.

Adding up Poor Titles

The most essential part of any article or blog is the title or headline that covers it. It the headline which is going to grab the viewer’s attention towards your article or blog. If you are struggling with low traffic on your blogs, try producing more catchy headlines and then see the magic! Try this test on different people and check whether your headline is appealing enough that the reader will click “Read More” and switch to the whole content and read further on? If you truly want to attract more people through your writing, try focusing more on the Headlines after the overall content.

These were some top Content Curation blunders you definitely need to avoid in your next article.

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