Cool Content Ideas to Boost up your Social Media Engagement

Cool Content Ideas to Boost up your Social Media Engagement

Are you running out of ideas that are cool enough for your social media platform? There is no doubt in saying that social media remains one of the top effective tools for business marketing, however, each day it is not easy to come up with interesting ideas and fresh to keep your audience engaged and interested. It’s time to give your social media posts some curated makeover to prove you are the one with some increased shares and conversions.


While a diagram of a code can be used to calculate a large amount of information in an easy h format, it is easier in social networks, graphics, to present a fact or statistic in a striking design. Infographics is especially popular on social media channels based on photos like Pinterest and Instagram, so do not forget to upload them to those channels, as well as other social networking sites. Personal photo enhancement tools include Canvas, and Piktochart. If you have created a larger blog post, bring a section to social media and link it to the full image on your site. Step-by-step graphical information by interactivity: ask a question and get a pop-up response or move a part of the graph as a graph or graph.


Technically, Mimi is a cultural symbol or a social idea that expands from person to person orally. In short, usually a photo with a funny caption, although it can be a video or a GIF image is short, it can also be studied, or stupid, or inspire or shocking them more fun. Making memes are fun very popular, but if you have business memes the sale depends on whether they are with your brand and your voice adapts, and if you are certain that your ability to use it without discomfort or insult to the public or violation of the license or registered trademark rights.
If you use imitation, be sure to show your image and attract your favorite audience. To be truly original, create your own ribbon using a tool such as MAM instead of existing ones.

Animated GIFs

GIF is a short video or short animation, often superimposed with text. GIF is not only fun and attractive for social media users, it can also be very effective in telling the story in a short period of time.
GIF online libraries, such as Giphy and Gif Bin, allow you to search thousands of GIFs, where you can create your own applications using applications such as Giphy and imgflip. If you create your own videos, think of a video on how to work the product, a quick tutorial, fun team members or even a video on a normal day in your office.

Incentives and Promotions

Who doesn’t love something that is free? Make you users get engaged with coupons, freebies, free trails and giveaways. Not only it will bring up all the sales, it will give the potential customers a great chance to get familiar with your brand. For maximum effectiveness and reach, consider tying all the promotion to some season or current event, and create some promotions that will actually appeal your client for some specific audience.

User Generated Content

You do not have to be the only person sharing content on your social media accounts. It is time your social media interaction into some real conversation by asking your audience to share their own content according to your posts.
Does your company own some kind of a dog friendly policy? Ask people to post photos of their office animals. Is your brand addicted to coffee? Ask people to post pictures of their office spaces with coffee in it.


People love short experiments: they like to get them and they like to share them. According to the research carried out by BuzzSumo in 1900, the average load of the test is shared on social networks. It cannot be a simple and fun test that only customers interact with you on social networks, you can take a test to learn more about them, and gauge their interest in your products and services, and even add details and depth to the personality of the clients.

You can create a personal test of the brand, instead of the test “each game of thrones character that” its use, you can take a test to create “what kind of pet owner that” pet company. Do you want contributions from your target audiences? Social media surveys offer your customers a fun way to provide valuable information and insights. You can create a survey or survey to gather opinions and comments about your brand, and market studies for a new product, identify pain and points expectations, and evaluate customer satisfaction, or to determine if an update Or a specific section of content. When a poll is published in your story, fans just click on the voting option.

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