Guidelines on How to Create a Captivating Facebook Post That Converts

Guidelines on How to Create a Captivating Facebook Post That Converts

Okay so, did you just made up some post on Facebook and hoping to get maximum clicks, shares and likes on it? Yeah right.
How to create a remarkable Facebook post? At times, this question is tougher than a theory itself. Many online marketers and digital agencies are always on hook to create some compelling Facebook post that would increase their reach and audience engagement. But the question, does the perfect Facebook post even exists?
There is not one perfect solution, but a set of certain things that make up the perfect post, such as catchy taglines, visuals, perfect timing, texts and a lot more. So, now that there is no standard and particular formula for creating a compelling Facebook post, you can always try out some guidelines and tips and create posts that works out the best for your brand.

Four Major Components of an Engaging Facebook Post

Always keep it Simple

Never underestimate the priorities and the time of your audience, their time is quite precious! It is important to keep your message short and concise and convey it in as less words as possible. The perfect word limit is usually 20 words for headlines and just around 50 words for descriptions, for your link to get maximum clicks and likes.

A Compelling Copywriting

You trust it or not but copywriting is surely one of the greatest asset a digital marketer can have. Writing compelling and short content, along with making them understand your brand message is no doubt a big factor. Instead of describing the whole message about what you are going to tell, this works kind of better.

Use of Good Emoji

Using good emoji into your content is another essential way to get closer with your brand. You can simply use just one emoji to define something rather than explaining something in brief. In short, you can say that emoji are the best alternatives for words.

Add Some Attention Seeking

Always attract the attention of your audience by creating a post on Facebook. Try to find ways to save your audience time when presenting valuable content. Add to your content so your audience can see if you click on a link.
If the content you share is not something your audience would look for at that time, never click on it. On the other hand, if you add something charming, you are probably more interested in learning more about your brand and keep reading.

Attention Grabbing Solutions

When you combine some great content with greater visuals, you are about to create something huge.

Add Multiple Different Media Formats for Your Posts

Nothing can be ever achieved just through one media, it is often recommended to use different types of media for your content, such as Gifs, Videos, links, Boomerangs and other relevant stuff that goes with your brand and so on.

Produce Some New Social Assets to Use

Whenever you are about to post something on Facebook, especially when it is a link, Facebook usually shows a preview image. Instead of just accepting whatever comes up, create some special social assets and offer some unique information to your audience.

Video Content

It is important to establish the ideal duration for your brand. But, generally, we find that short films usually capture longer videos. The ideal duration of the video is one minute, but make sure that the video you create has extraordinary value and provides the information to your audience.
You can also try the live video option on Facebook, where the new Facebook algorithm gives more importance to videos on Facebook when they appear on the user’s news feed. If real marketing specialists understand Facebook’s algorithm, it can really help you access content that can generate surprises. Facebook’s algorithms examine each publication individually and predict whether the user is interested and possibly publishes the content in their publication.

Increase your whole Facebook engagement by following these simple tricks

  • Identify the element that works best for you audience. Try experimenting different things. Search, try, curate, fail, and repeat but FIGURE OUT what works best for you.
  • Use good headings. Give your users a reason to click upon your links.
  • Do not be just too promotional, nobody wants to read copywriting, advertisement and stuff all the time. This way, the chances are that most likely you will lose some followers. \

Video content is the success key for some brands, but that does not mean that it will surely work for all the other brands. It all depends upon the nature of brands and maybe, what just works!
As you have not successfully completed any good formula to create a Facebook, with maximum interaction, with the tips and practices mentioned above, you can get an idea of what happens with Facebook’s marketing strategy and what is appropriate for your public.

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