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Create a Presell Page With Powerful Words

What is a presell page?

Your presell page is storytelling, a sales technique mapping out an unfortunate soul’s experience with which the reader can connect emotionally. It’s a piece of content that should make the visitor pre-qualified as having a particular problem you can solve. It’s a warm-up piece that indicates there’s a better way to do things, not just what you’re offering.


What makes an effective presell page?

  • Emotion is an important factor in selling something, so your presell content should express the pain in the front and happiness in the after. In-text as well as in pictures. Separate the article with a chapter for each accordingly.
  • Show compassion when thinking about the pain point (the previous one). By making them think one of the many sufferings with this particular problem, they are not alone. Dig deep to discover this problem’s worst potential effects.
  • Give a face and name to the long-suffering victim, a person that can be defined as the person you’re targeting.

You need to identify the most common pain points that your presell page targets from among the consumer group, so you can address other people with the same problem. Ultimately, the motivation to buy is anything that causes pain.


Catching Attention:

Usually, the reference placement context that defines your presell page’s performance in driving traffic. To appear in a highly relevant sense, ideally next to an appealing image or material that may be linked to your product or service (product placement), you need your reference to your pre-sell page. That brings us to what we can say to convince visitors to click on the link.


The leading question:

A leading question answers the question posed – the trick is to choose the behavior-based question that results in the need for your product or service. That also helps make that popular sound like everybody is doing it.

Website Development Kuwait consider finding that your conversion rate will vary with different messages, and even though you may be tempted to just keep the best conversion rate, consider first that you will lose many that an alternative message could convert. Here, rotating your messages is a good idea, if one message fails to work then try another when the visitor returns another time.


Popup overlays:

Popup overlays are one of the most effective places to use power words, especially when used for list building purposes. Full page popup overlays can make them suitable for Presell websites. Furthermore, activation triggers require to pinpoint delivery timing, which is not provided by many other delivery methods. They can be activated by clicking on the link, exit intent or scrolling the page, or based on a combination of content previously viewed.


Power words to CTA:

The good thing about CTA’s is that it’s not just about 60 characters like titles. It is also possible to add an explanatory description directly below the CTA. Once, on popup overlays, or at least above the fold on your homepage, the best place for your call to acts. 

The problem with using your hero space is that it may not be as customized as a targeted on-site popup. That’s fine if you have a general CTA that targets all of your customers, but if you need to focus on specific persona motivations then pop-up overlays are the way to go because of the targeted features.

Web Design Company in Muscat provides the necessary detailed targeting but also offers action reward tools, such as coupon codes, which can be used to provide a 20 percent discount coupon if they register at that time when the popup is activated. Also, an offer related to what they are reading about always increases conversion for the product in question.



Only your understanding or lack of it regarding the motivation of your customer prevents you from improving your conversion rate considerably. With SEO Dubai you have the necessary tool functionality to target your customers when they display buying signals on-site. Its popup editor gives you free rein to create the perfect architecture of choice that allows you to put your message in the ideal context and create the ideal presell site. It also helps you to use versions of the message and check them by AB.


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