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Create an Amazing “About Us” Page for Your Website

We all dislike writing about ourselves and how awesome we are, so it’s no wonder that a lot of businesses hate writing about us on their website. It is known that the About Us section is one of the most frequented on any website and the information you placed on that page is important and should not be ignored. It is important to find the perfect balance between selling your product without being too self-centered; you need a concentrated, trustworthy approach that will bring the consumer to you without desperation.


Below are some good tips to help you neat up your About Us page to help you attract and retain clients by Website Design Riyadh.

1. Focus on the audience: 

Your customers are primarily concerned about their needs and what your brand can do to address those needs, not necessarily about how you started or where you came from. That’s why you need a customer-oriented page to discuss your audience’s challenges. Recognize why they’re visiting your page and explore how and why you’re going to meet every one of their needs.

2. Let the customers speak for you: 

Using testimonials, remember to use names/pictures is an easy, great way to give credibility to your brand. Be sure to mention your awards or accreditations and invite the reader to leave comments or reach out for more information. Also, read Make your website Multi-lingual for Audience in 2020.

3. Using various media forms: 

Consumers like to see things that please their ears. Therefore, you should have clean graphics, photos, data graphics and more to keep the customer happy and visually pleasing to their experience. The longer the attention is held, the better the chance of success.

4. Tell a story:

 A good story is enjoyed by everyone. Concentrate on the things that make you normal/relatable and the things that make you different. Don’t forget to include many videos! Customers like being able to put a face to a name, especially if it is only by phone or email that they communicate with you.

5. Make sure they know how to get in touch with you:

 Your clients need a way to get in touch with you. It’s a must to provide a phone number and email address where they can contact you. Web Design Dubai makes sure that your information is always up-to-date and include things like information on social media so that they can interact with you in as many ways as possible.

6. Don’t use jargon: 

Use some technical terms here and it’s good, but don’t get stuck using misleading words. The best way to go is to compose clearly and conversationally. Confused clients are not happy clients and are less likely to return to the web, let alone become a regular customer.

7. Make sure your company represents the page:

Keep the design aligned with the rest of your website and do not rely too much on overbearing visuals or graphics. Keep a consistent look, keep it simple and tell a story. Make sure that your voice always suits you.

That’s because your About Us page is the perfect place to accommodate several goals: 

  • Communicate your business story and why you started it.
  • Describe your business’s customers or cause.
  • Explain your business model or the production of your products.
  • Put a face on your brand, featuring your team’s founders or people.
  • Incorporate compelling material (e.g. a video explainer, visualizations of information, links to blog posts) that could clutter your homepage otherwise.

Once you begin, it may seem like there isn’t much to tell on your page About Us.

But if you have a point of view and know why you’re doing what you’re doing in customer service, you’ve got enough to get going. You will build on what milestones you have gone through as you develop, increasing your profile on Us over time.

And for those who are already well into their own story, it may be worth looking at your metrics to see if your About Us site frequently stops new visitors.

Perhaps it’s time to take another pass and start treating your About Us page as the valuable online resource it’s supposed to be for your company.

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