Develop an Indoor Navigation Application With Beacon Technology

Smartphones made our lives very simple. Smartphones have also created it simple for us to travel with the assistance of internet and GPS tracking, even if we’re in a whole fresh town or nation. Users have become simpler to discover a way to their destination thanks to GPS navigation on mobile apps. Mobile App Development Dubai builds an app with powerful navigation.


What is Beacon Technology?


The method starts when a signal from a neighboring beacon is received by the app. Beacons broadcast data packets that are capable of collecting and analyzing equipment to obtain information about the environment. The data packets have distinctive identification numbers that match particular beacons. The beacon performs the function programmed for that setting once the device connects.


Benefits of Beacon Technology:


Beacon technology can be leveraged and implemented in several ways: 

  • When a customer walks through a retail store, beacons can be used for proximity marketing to trigger push notifications containing unique offers.
  • Beacon technology can disable applications when distractions, such as schools or meetings, should be restricted.


How are Indoor Navigation Apps useful?


Well, this technology is very useful to companies because they can make excellent use of this service. They can use indoor positioning and navigation applications to map big structures for tourists, such as malls, railways, airports. Digital marketing Dubai navigation systems can benefit users as well as facility owners and can be adapted rapidly depending on the demands of each unit

The applications use Augmented Reality technology and beacons to produce extensive indoor maps. 

  • Positioning: It locates, for example, a shopping center inside a building.
  • Navigation: It produces the shortest possible path from a car park to a shoe brand shop to the preferred location.
  • Push Notifications: It sends emails to the smartphone of a user.

How do the Indoor Navigation app works?

Well, what the IPS technology does is leverage your smartphone’s inner sensors to calculate the device’s indoor position using the complicated mathematical algorithm. It then astutely mixes the incoming data from these sensors to calculate a very precise position, leaving little to no latency for scope. This leads to soft user experience.


Indoor Positioning technology depends on three distinct components to give the greatest customer experience–both quick and precise–such as the underlying dynamic positioning system platform, beacons transmitting signals that are picked up by smartphone and then served on the positioning scheme.

Web Design Dubai company technology combines information from different sources to

calculate a user’s position. Input data includes: 

  • Smartphone sensor information
  • Transmitter signals 
  • Facilities maps 

Features of Indoor Navigation Apps:

The basic features provided by Mobile app development in Dubai are:

  • Positioning: Determines the location of the user Mapping: shows all places & possible paths 
  • Routing: generates the best path and guides the visitor to the destination point.
  • Analytics: reveals the number of visitors and user conduct within the building.
  • Administrative capacity: allows construction executives to retain beacons, set up advertising campaigns and do much more.

Sectors in which it is used:

  • Location Sharing: Employees and visitors can use it to locate each other and designate a meeting place.
  • Advertising: The way finding beacons can detect a neighboring client, so you can call attention to your local services or products by sending a signal or alert to your mobile device. Social Media Agency Dubai will help you with this.
  • Location-based coupons: Businesses can send the visitor’s mobile device a coupon or special offer alert based on their location.
  • In-App Search: If a worker or visitor is searching for a specific location or product, they will be searching for it in the indoor navigation app and showing them comprehensive directions to that location. SEO Dubai will get your best ranking.
  • Inventory & Asset Tracking: The use of the indoor navigation app makes it simple to maintain track of equipment, goods, cars and other assets.



By now, you have to be evident that this technology is extremely good in assisting individuals to find their way within big complexes, such as malls and airports, and it also has many other advantages.

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So, if you’re impressed with the Indoor Navigation system and want to get one for your business or organization or building, then get in contact with an experienced, qualified Mobile App Development Company in Saudi Arabia to assist you with the process.

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