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Don’t You Want to Discover The Best Features of iOS 14?

Of course, the iPhone 12 is one of the most talked-about technology coming up. The preview we received of iOS 14 gave us a little insight into what to anticipate from the future’s latest phone and Apple apps.

Noticeably, the home screen was revamped – the first major shake-up in that department since the iPhone’s launch – we have also seen changes made to Siri, Notifications, and more. Mobile App Development Company Dubai has rounded up these features of iOS 14’s best features, and we’ll add more and refresh this page regularly.

Refresh with new designed SIRI!

Siri sometimes ‘s tossed out when Apple speaks about iOS, but that’s not the case this year. Apple’s digital assistant got a big refresh, with new skills and a big overhaul.

Siri is now thinking up new animations and will deliver unique widgets.

Thanks to the new Translation app, Siri also ends up supporting sending messages and improving translation support. Such requests for translation function remotely so they do not need internet service.

Redefine with new Homescreen:

At the end of your home screen, App Library is a new space that automatically groups apps into one larger, more visible folders.

There’s a search function at the top, and Apple uses on-device knowledge to pool recommended applications and most-used applications together. There is even a devoted folder for Apple Arcade and one for your late apps downloaded.

Customizable widgets:

Widgets also come to iOS-finally. These widgets can be rearranged, and look even better than it was before.

You can also add it to your home screen instead of keeping them locked to today’s view, so they take your usual devices.


Picture-in-Picture has been there on the iPad, but it’s coming onto the iPhone with iOS 14. It will happen when you open a video-playing device, and the video window is resizable, just as it is on the iPad.

That sounds like a minor app and one that has been on Android for years, but we’re certain that iOS users would love to add it.

You won’t get lost with the Map feature!

Last year Apple Maps saw enormous updates with far better maps for the States. Such new maps are coming to the UK, Ireland and Canada in iOS 14.

These guides automatically refresh and update as someplace new is introduced, and they have the updated information on the locations they are checking for to discover.

Inspiring with messages:

There are various new features to the messages, and it seems as if most of them were influenced by rival apps such as WhatsApp.

You can now pin conversations to the top of the search results for starters, and Memoji will find many more expressions and customizability. Apple stressed that one such addition is masks which can be applied to your face.

UI Tweaks:

There are several UI tweaks in iOS 14 that make sense. It also included picture-in-picture for FaceTime calls, a much more visually pleasing home app, and tiny alerts for low juice running on your AirPods.

Setting for your privacy:

With iOS 14, Apple says it gives you more control over data and privacy. A live performance predictor alerts you when the microphone or camera is being used and specific data on privacy within the App Store.

You can update older profiles to Log In with Apple, and share an estimated location instead of a precise address.

Car Key Support:

Car Key support in iOS 14!!! and you can activate, share and limit your vehicle within iOS if you have a unique BMW model! A good little trick means that if your phone dies, you won’t lose access to your car as Apple claims the products work for five hours, with or without a battery.

Accessibility improvements:

There’s a neat feature hidden within the Usability settings, and it lets you map behaviors to several of the phone taps. You can set specific stuff for two taps and three taps, and although the current version is a little late, this is the first test.

You could even make it so it will open the shutter, with the aid of a Shortcut.

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